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The Yellowhammer State

No description

M2K Kids

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of The Yellowhammer State

There is Alabama.
Alabama has a lot of history. It all started when it joined the union in 1819. Alabama had Europeans reach the area in the 16th century. Also, they played a key role in the American Civil War.
History of Alabama
Once again Alabama.
Alabama is located 33 degrees North and 87 degrees West. Also, the capital is Montgomery.
Location and Geography
One of the products.
Alabama has many agricultural products. There are five main ones. They include cotton, corn, soybeans, peanuts, livestock.
Agricultural Products
Alabama has a lot of major cities. Such as Montgomery, Birmingham, Huntsville, and Hoover. Alabama has many more but, these ones are the biggest.
Major Cities and Capital
The Yellowhammer State
By: Mackenzie Polunus
Alabama has a lot of bodies of water. They include Guntersville Lake, Wilson Lake, Martin Lake, West Point Lake, Lewis Smith Lake. There are many more but, these are major ones.
Bodies of Water
Natural Resources
Alabama has a lot of natural resources. They include cotton, oak, coal, wood, copper. There is many more but, you just need to know the main ones.
Alabama's manufacturing products include chemicals, cardboard, tissue paper, food products, and trucks. The definition of manufacturing is production of merchandise.
Manufacturing Products
Summer- 79 degrees F but, can get up to 107 degrees F.
Winter- 48 degrees F
Spring and fall will get between the summer and winter.
Places of Interest
In Birmingham, Alabama there is the Birmingham Zoo. In Gulf Shores, Alabama there is the Gulf Shoes Museum. In Fairhope there is the Fairhope Bay. In Montgomery there is The Rosa Parks Museum. Also, in Huntsville there is the Huntsville Park.
The population of Alabama as of 2013 was 4,833,722. There is no population for 2014 yet.
Important People
One person is Rosa Parks. She was a civil rights activist from Tuskeegee. Another person is Helen Keller who was an author from Tuscumbia. Last but, not least is Ralph Abernathy who was a civil rights activist.
State Symbols
This is the State flag.
This is the state seal.
The state bird is the Yellowhammer. The state tree is Southern Long Leaf Pine. The state flower is the Camellia. The state motto is "We dare to defend our rights."
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