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Corporate Promotional Video

Abingdon and Witney College

Suzy Frindle

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Corporate Promotional Video

Corporate Promotional Pitch By Suzy, Josh and Nick Codes and conventions The Production Running Order Equipment Codes and Conventions Codes and conventions Codes and Conventions Codes and conventions The Prospectus The idea Art - Ayrton Scanlan Abingdon and Witney College offers a huge variety of courses and subjects and we hope to portray this in our video. To make a good promotional video we need to follow the typical codes and conventions of a promotional video so that it is appealing to the right audience. Our target audience for the video is Students and Parents. It needs to look appealing for the students so they want to go to Abingdon and Witney College, but also a safe learning environment so that the Parents are happy for them to be at the College. All of these codes and conventions are essential to our promotional video. - Interviews
Interview customers and find out their opinions.
We will show positive feedback and responses in the video, as they will help make it look good. - Make it informative
The video will promote as well as inform your audience.
We will make such the information is interesting and include what you have requested but we wont include
too much as the audience will get bored. The running order of our video for the 3 minute edit is going to be: This is a list of the equipment we are going to use to make this promotional video: Abingdon and Witney College We are making a promotional video on the prospectus of Abingdon and Witney College. We will do this by having vox pops and interviews from people around the college, students and teachers. Establishing shots of the facilities and the things the College has to offer. This will include the new media suites, the toast and the music department. We will use background music to compliment the shots and to set the atmosphere of the video. We will mainly focus on the Witney campus but if footage is available then we will show the other campuses around Oxfordshire. We also hope to incorporate the college slogan 'Helping you make the right choice for your future. Potential interviewees - Customer opinions
Positive opinions from the customers will
be persuasive to the targeted audience. - Make it look good
Have a positive outlook; we're trying to promote something to an audience!
We want to inform your audience of all the
reasons why they should consider the option. -Music
The music won't be very noticeable.
It will be suitable for the video – it won't be something
that’s overpowering or distracting. We will choose music with no copyrights. -Ideal length/running time
The video will be 3 minutes. However, we wont drag on, repeat ourselves or bore the audience so we will include thing that are interesting. -Camera Work
The video will contain a lot of panning and zooming shots to add interest and zoom in to what we want you to focus on. Panning helps gives an overview to the audience. -Editing Pace
The editing pace will be quite slow and this is calming
for the audience. However, sometimes face paced editing
can be persuasive as it gives the audience a sense of excitement and interest. -Lighting
We will make sure the shots are well lit and quite bright.
Brighter and whiter environments look more inviting
and extra lighting could be used to help brighten up places for filming. -Transitions and titles
We will use titles for the interviewers names (keep them the same for everyone throughout the video to make it
look neat, organised and professional). We will also include interesting effects, visual effects and smooth transitions. If the video is interesting, runs smoothly and well put together then your audience are more likely to watch it and take an interest. Thank you for watching! DSLR Camera
Zoom and Boom stand
Lighting kit
Tracking kit
Fig Rig Music - Harvey Wilson Media and Tutor - Tim Rose Business - Alison Farr We hope to interview a range of people from a range of topics. For example one teacher, one technician, one student and one tutor to broaden the opinions and scope of the college. 15 seconds introduction; 5 for opening; 10 for introductory montage/narration 35 seconds rundown of facilities 25 second interview with Ali on teachers 25 second interview with Aryton on students 20 second interview with Harvey on technicians and assistants 20 second interview with Tim about being a tutor and teacher 30 rundown of courses 10 second epilogue and credit sequence
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