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21st century

No description

Luke Hoffman

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of 21st century

ELECTION OF BARACK OBAMA RECESSION COLUMBIA DISASTER Y2K BUG 21st Century By: Luke, Janella, Janet, Chris & Katie major events 9/11 ATTACKS terrorists hijacked four planes and crashed them into the world trade centers in new york, the pentagon and a field in pennsylvania on its return flight, the space shuttle columbia disintigrated upon entering the earth's atmosphere because of the loss of a piece of insulation on take-off a devastating hurricane that ravished the southeast causing levees to break in new orleans which left over 80 percent of the city flooded HURRICANE KATRINA people thought computers and other technology would malfunction due to the "00" in the date after over three years of war in iraq, american forces find saddam hussein hiding in a hole in an agricultural town in iraq. three years after his capture, he is found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death DEATH OF SADDAM HUSSEIN MIRACLE ON THE HUDSON RIVER a plane that just took off from laguardia airport in new york was forced to land on the hudson river because it hit a flock of birds on take-off which caused both engines to go out SWINE FLU OUTBREAK the global pandemic of the h1n1 virus began in veracruz, mexico. the swine flu virus spread across the world in 2009 eventually tapering off by the end of the year DEATH OF MICHAEL JACKSON michael jackson was discovered by his housekeepers who tried to keep him alive but ultimately failed. the death of the king of pop sparked memorials and tributes throughout the world the largest oil spill in history began from an explosion on a bp rig in the gulf of mexico resulting in the massive leak that, over three months, let 4.9 million barrels of crude oil into the ocean BP OIL SPILL DEATH OF OSAMA BIN LADEN navy seals team six successfully entered a compound in pakistan believed to house bin laden. upon entering, they came upon bin laden in a room where shots were fired from both sides but led to osama's death Government in 2008 the worst economic situation since the great depression occured. banks and industries on the verge of failure were bailed out by the federal government. the housing market declined as unemployment rose. despite many people saying it is over, the recession continues to impact people daily. the election of 2008 brought a black man and a woman to the forefront. the election of barack obama gave hope to millions as he was the first african-american to be voted to the presidency. WIKILEAKS julian assange began releasing confidential information from the government in 2006. in 2010 wikileaks published hundreds of thousands of government cables that leaked confidential information to the government. Wars WAR IN AFGHANISTAN the war started in 2001 and is still going on today. we entered afghanistan and launched operation enduring freedom because of the 9/11 attacks on the u.s. our goal was to get rid of al-qaeda’s base in the country, and we also sought out to remove the taliban regime from control and to rid osama bin laden of power. WAR IN IRAQ Social Trends Technology MUSIC MOVIES SOCIAL social networking became very popular. between facebook's poularity, twitter's massive reach and youtube's reputation for creating hits this generation has turned into social butterflies...well online at least. the 60s had rock and roll, the 70s had pop, the 80s disco, the 90s had hip-hop and the 21st century has...everything. the 21st century could be called the year of the prequels, sequels, triquels (etc.) and remakes. the u.s. invaded iraq in 2003 following information the government reported to have on wmds in the nation. saddam hussein, the dictator of the country, was believed to be a part of actions against the united states. as controversial as this war is, we have spent almost $900 billion and almost 4,400 american lives to support the cause.
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