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Review for the second partial (E5)

Review for the second partial English 5

Magdalena Palomares

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of Review for the second partial (E5)

Review for the second partial
Committee = comité
Furniture = mobiliario
Appointment = cita
Chairperson = a person in charge
Auction = subasta
Fabrics = telas
Insure = asegurar
Shipment = envío
Damage = daño
Different forms of the future
Will + verb in base form = Will handle (when we're not so sure)

Simple present = The meeting begins at 9:00 = appointments

Present continuous = We are going to a concert = for plans
Relative pronouns
Who = for people
There is my mother. She is a really good cook. = There's my mother, who is a really good cook.
Which = for things
I gave my sister a pen. The pen doesn't work. = I gave my sister the pen which doesn't work.
Whose = property
I met Bill Clinton. His job was to manage the USA = I met Bill Clinton, whose job was to manage the USA.
Passive voice
This form is used to avoid mentioning the doer, the action is more important.
For example...
The boss is sending an E-mail to the director.
Foreign = Extranjero
Crates = gruas
Handle = manejar
Pipeline = tubería
Southward = to the south
Soil = tierra / suelo
Moisture = húmedo
Steam = vapor
Overseas = en el extranjero
The formula is: subject + verb to be + verb in past participle
Important verbs: send / sent, assemble / assembled, mix / mixed, print / printed, buy / bought, load / loaded
An E-mail is being sent to the director
Good luck!
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