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The three branches of the governtment

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Ashley Kipp

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of The three branches of the governtment

The three branches of the government under the Constitution is like the solar system
It is the orbit because the constitution is what we run by and the planets run on the orbit
It is the people because they aren't that important and Pluto is the least important planet
The sun is the president
the sun is the president because it controls the planets
The Legislative Branch is Venus
It is Venus because its the second planet and it is very important, its the legislative branch the branch is very important to the government and it is part of the supreme court
Pluto is the people
The Constitution is the orbit
The Separation of Powers is the asteroid belt
it is the asteroid belt because it separates the small and big planets
the Supreme court is Jupiter
it is Jupiter because it is the biggest planet and the Supreme court is the largest court
The Senate is the moon
It is the moon because the moons causes tides and seasons with help of the sun
The cabinet is Neptune
The cabinet is not that important but the president needs them and Neptune isn't that important but the solar system needs it
The executive branch is Mercury
It is Mercury because the president is the head of the executive branch and he proves the laws the sun tells Mercury which way to rotate and how long to rotate
The house of representatives is the stars
The stars watch over the planets just like the house of representatives watch over everything
Checks and Balances is the moon
Its the moon because they decide and limit the powers of each branch and the moon limits the days of each year
The Judicial branch is Earth
It is earth because the branch is part of the supreme court it is important to the government just like the Earth is important to the solar system and the solar system is important to us as much as the branches
The congress is the gravity
its the gravity because the gravity supports the orbit just like the congress supports the constitution
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