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STS from a Policy Perspective

No description

Pt Cruiser

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of STS from a Policy Perspective

Choosing among
The Key Element of AAAS
-program that tracks research funding in the federal budget.
- Albert H. Teich's Main Role.
AAAS' Role
-Informed observers and stop short of making recommendations.
-R&D Budget and Policy Program.
How to Set priorities for research.
-Developing schemes for the scientific
community to recommend research priorities
across disciplines.
Distribution of interests in society affects the generation and utilization of scientific

Science and the Law; The nature of Scientific Evidence
-Scientific and technical considerations
-admissibility of scientific evidence
-peer-reviewed journal
->as an indication of general acceptance
-Amicus curiae brief by AAAS
( the American Association for
the Advancement of Science)
An independent group
of STS scholars and scientists

STS and the Future of Science Policy
STS provides framework for us to think about the interactions of Science & Technology & Society
STS itself is socially constructed so it develops under the influence of social environment.
Science and technology are not something set apart from society.
GPRA and Accountability in Scientific Research
GPRA- Accountability
-Shifts focus from input to output
-Shifts interest from basic to applied
-more effective communication
the basis for evaluation
of scientific projects should be
-models of innovation
-how science progresses developed
The world stage

STS from a Policy Perspective
AAAS is at the interface of science,technology,and society.
How STS set the framework for AAAS -Focus on the Relationship between science/ the law/ accountability in scientific research/the the tracking of research funding. - STS knowledge helps to improve Science and technology policy -> by improving our understanding of activity
The need for a strong government role inn sciece and technology-> for the dependence of research on public funding &impacts of science and technology on the economy,the environment, and so on
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