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LASD Parent Coffee Technology Integration

No description

Ellen Kraska

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of LASD Parent Coffee Technology Integration

Innovate, Create, Educate iLearn Goes Mobile iLearn Classes On-site coaching
before and
after-school Member *Divergent Thinking
*E-Portfolio creation
*Commonsense media lessons
*Digital Storytelling
*Design Thinking
*iPad integration iLearn Winter and Spring

*Film Festival FYI
*Video Production
*Twitter for Teachers!
*Edmodo Beginner and Advanced
*Classroom websites and Blogs
*Project Based Learning
*And more! A collaborative learning environment Model Lessons and Co-Teaching in Classrooms iLearn coaches on site to support teachers and students iLearn Studio Seeing the possibilities Instructional Coaches Revolutionizing student learning Inspiring teachers Member iLearn Fall Classes
*Google tools
*Google docs, sites, forms
*Digital Storytelling
*Project Based Learning
*Design Thinking
*"Creating Innovators" Book Club We are in the business of "up" Different Approaches Same destination Foundations for Technology Integration LASD Parent Coffee
Spotlight on Technology Integration *Introduction
*Our Active Learners
*LASD Technology Scope and Sequence
*Student Acceptable Use Policy
*Common Sense Media
*iLead Learners on Sites
*Teachers As Designers
*Technology Tools on LASD campuses
*Tech for Transformation vs. Substitution The Voice of the Active Learner Standards to Guide Instruction Los Altos Technology Scope and Sequence Digital Citizenship Curriculum
Common Sense Media iLead Learners on all LASD sites *iLead Learners participated in week long iLearn Summer Academy 2012.

*Four meeting dates 2012-2013.

*Identified and working towards site based technology goals for teachers and students.

*Present information and support staff with technology integration activities. Common Tech Across LASD Choosing tools carefully Striving for Transformation Versus Substitution Moving to Web-Based Applications Transition seamlessly between home, school and multiple devices! No software upgrades! No software incompatibilities! What is next?

*Check out Common Sense Media resources for parents. www.commonsensemedia.org
*Talk to teachers and your children about using technology for improving the learning experience.
*Follow #lasdk8 on Twitter.
*Take a look at our Innovate, Create, Educate blog. http://lasdilearn.blogspot.com/
*Thank you to our PTA and LAEF! Ellen Kraska
Los Altos School District
Technology Integration Instructional Coach
ekraska@lasdschools.org *K-8 Teachers have three lessons
*Gr. 1-4 presenting first lesson prior to February 1st. *Specific guidelines and rules for students in kid friendly language. Revised Acceptable Use Agreement for Students @kraskae
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