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YouTube Educational and beneficial

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John True

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of YouTube Educational and beneficial

Broadcast by everyone for everyone

A free and public video sharing website, YouTube has the most videos compared to other sites such as Vimeo, Vevo, and even Dailymotion.
The community consist of ages ranging from toddlers to seniors and ethnics so diverse they have about 75 different languages to translate their page to.
With a vast community, YouTube is constantly being updated with videos submitted globally daily.
Adapting Technology
Communication has improved since the release of the internet and the advancement of technology, Abbate
Inventing the Internet
Being connected to the internet allows users to broadcast blogs, forums, and media online for many others to view. on a monitor.
If we were to adapt more of the plentiful resources given to us in our lives we would be able to be more productive with more time and space.
YouTube and its value
There are billions of videos uploaded by users, these are then categorized into channels, then into different sub levels making videos more specific.
As the videos get more specific the more unique and informative the contents get, interwoven with opinions and experience.
With more videos being uploaded, coverage on topics will expand and create more channels and sub levels, and as more people watch these videos more viewers will comment, share, and discuss. Thus growing the community even stronger.
Educational Benefits
There are millions of videos being uploaded by scientists, professors, teachers, students, and the curiously intellects that include discussions, interviews, and seminars.
Topics are always expanding through the use of peer-to-world video sharing and by obtaining these resources students are able to learn the same topic they want to learn from different professors, students, or independent groups.
All having an alternative but similar approach to the subject they supply viewers with different example, demonstrations, and visual animation.
Adopting YouTube as a Tool
Colleges and Universities have begun adopting YouTube as a source of material.
There are 1,410,000 channels of official universities and 760,000 channels of Colleges that have an account on YouTube.
The popularity of these channels are surprisingly high because short segmented videos hold more informative content is right on the point.
As YouTube continues to grow as a thriving community full of information and data, It can be used a beneficial source to gain increase knowledge at a faster pace. Adapting these resources will allow us to advance in our studies and share it with those who do not have those privileges.
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