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Venture 2000:

No description

Kari Lawry

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Venture 2000:

Venture 2000: Grow!
"Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle." - Napoleon Hill
Critical Components to Growth
Internal & External Analysis
Internal Analysis
The Strategic Fitness Process
Next Steps:
Harvard Business School Professor
Michael Beer lists six silent barriers that
prevent organizations - like Venture - from
becoming high commitment, high performance/growth organizations. Leaders need to frequently
engage in
honest, collective, and public conversations
about the
status of the organization.
Just Talk...
...And more importantly, LISTEN!
Overview of the Strategic Fitness Process
Thank you for your trust!
The Process:

Engage key employees & volunteers in conversations. Ideally they should be high performing, well respected and as diverse as possible at a level below the leadership team. Members of the leadership team and Terry will be surveyed and interviewed separately to identify gaps.

A survey followed by individual interviews about strengths, barriers and recommendations for change. Confidentiality will be assured to all interviewees. All responses will be analyzed to identify key themes to present to the leadership team.
Key themes will be presented to the leadership team during a meeting specifically designed for feedback, diagnosis and action planning in a safe format allowing reporters to "speak truth to power".
Venture 2000:
From Roots
to Results

When it comes to strategic growth, Venture is no different than any other organization...the same rules, processes, tools and disciplines apply.
Performance Alignment:
The "fit" of Venture - structure,processes,
people & culture - with our goals & strategy
Psychological Alignment:
The trust in and commitment
of our people and
other key stakeholders
(members, volunteers, etc.)
The Capacity for Learning, Change
and Continuous Improvement
across the organization

A collective learning and improvement process in partnership with committed leaders through out the organization
Open, honest conversations around how we can accelerate our progress as a church to achieve our highest ambitions
RULE #1 : Leadership is the key factor in successful transformations

Engage leaders at Venture in defining, developing and driving:
Top Down or Laissez-faire Senior Management Style
Unclear Strategy and conflicting priorities
An ineffective senior leadership team
Poor vertical communication
Poor coordination across functions, groups or locations
Inadequate down-the-line leadership skills and development
A task force conducts surveys & open ended interviews about specific management practices and organizational arrangements that help or hinder the implementation of the strategy.
Determine list of participants -
Send invite communication from Terry -
Distribute survey & collect data -
6/2 - 6/9
Schedule interviews (1 hour) -
Review survey data and finalize interview questions -
Conduct interviews, document discussions -
6/10 - 6/24
Review all data and define key themes -
6/24 - 7/1*
Present findings to leadership team -
Leadership team internalize findings & prioritize -

Develop the change plan with action items, accountability and due dates -
Communicate back to participants (thank you and plan) -
Check back in & revise plan as needed -
Q1 2017

Kari on vacation 7/1 - 7/10
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