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No description

Year3 Academy

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of intruduction

Islam krish mebin jovan
1. He is the one god who has no partner.
2.Nothing is like.he is the creator,not part of his creations.
He is all powerful, absloutely just.
There is no other entirely in the entire universe worthy of worship.
mosques is were muslims pray. muslims workship in a building called a mosque.An alternative world for mosque,from the original arabic,is mastoid,meaning place of prostrationon

we are going to show you a wonderfull prezi talking about Islam! "we hope you enjoy !"
Life of the prohet Mahammad!
why muslims belive in one god!
facts about Mammhamd!
Muhammmed whose name means "higly praised " was born in Mecca i 570 ad. His father died shortly before his bith and he lost his mother at the age of six. The young orphan was the laised primarily by his uncle for whom he workd as a sheperd!
Ramadan is a festival for muslims. on ramadan people fast. This means people is not aloud to eat or drink in daylight (moring sun).
he basic belife of Islam is that there is only one god whose name is Arabic languge is allah and who is the sole and soveiagn rul of the universe.
kabah is a city in mecca.Mecca was were is mahamid was born.It is important to the musli8ms to pray to the east. muhamid is a prophet.
facts about Quren
muslims cosidey the queren the holy book o Islam is called a quran
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