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Judy Baca :)

No description

ana figuracion

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Judy Baca :)

Judith F. Baca By: Ana Figuracion went to private Catholic school called Bishop Alemany High School
worked hard in school
graduated from High School Conclusion Artwork The Great Wall Was born on september 20, 1946, in Los Angeles, C.A.
Father Valentino was a musician, mother Ortencia worked tire factory
Lived in a Spanish-speaking neighborhood
Only speak spanish
a half-brother gary when six year old
mom taught English Introduction Judy F. Baca is an artist and an art teacher. She is known around the world for her work. Her colorful murals have brought history life. Her murals have shown how people think and feel. Childhood Growing Up in 1964

wanted her art to have meaning for her family and community
graduated college in 1969 with a degree in art when she was 23
got job as an art teacher at old high school Painting Teacher found another job to teach art in parks in summer program
taught young children & senior citizens
worked in a neighborhood called Boyle Heights that had many mexican americans
Sy Greben made her a paid director of a city mural program
Teens also were hired who had been in trouble with the police The Great Wall Mural
year 2000 sunlight and rain faded The Great Wall mural
Also each year floodwaters poured into the Tujunga Wash
She wanted to do more than restore The Great Wall
also wanted to add more about the history of Los Angeles Judy's art students helped her plan. They learned about events that took place between the 1960s and the 1990s. They talked to people who had lived in the community during those years. They planned for The Great Wall to show some of these stories. First Painting
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