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Camp Training

Camping IN, Camping OUT, & Resources

Amanda Kaemmerer

on 24 May 2017

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Transcript of Camp Training

Camp Training & Resources
Camping OUT
Pre-Course Homework Assignment
Participants in Camping OUT are asked to complete a homework assignment prior to the course date. This will be included in your confirmation or you can access it here.

Camping OUT Recertification Quiz
Each certification is valid for 3 years. You do not need to repeat the full course, simply access the recertification quiz through the link below.

GSSI offers both Camping IN and Camping OUT.
Camping IN
is a 1-1/2hr course that is offered through your Service Unit. This course certifies you to camp overnight in a lodge setting with no fire-building/outdoor cooking. This is a one-time certification and does not need to be renewed.
Camping OUT
is a follow-up course which covers fire-building and other outdoor skills. Camping IN is a pre-requisite. These courses are scheduled at GSSI camp properties. Dates are listed on the Adult Training page and on the GSSI calendar. The course is $10 and includes lunch which will be prepared over the campfire. The certification is valid for 3 years.

Click here to find upcoming course dates:
Online Resources
Bandana Activities
- http://www.gsofsi.org/forms/camp/Bandanas.pdf

Flag Etiquette
- http://www.gsofsi.org/forms/camp/Flag%20Etiquette.pdf

Knife Activities
- http://www.gsofsi.org/forms/camp/Knife%20Activities.pdf
Care and Use of Knives - http://www.gsofsi.org/forms/camp/Care%20and%20Use%20of%20Knives.pdf

- http://www.gsofsi.org/forms/camp/Knots.pdf

Leave No Trace Activities - http://www.gsofsi.org/forms/camp/Leave%20No%20Trace%20Activities.pdf

Poisonous Weeds
- http://www.gsofsi.org/forms/camp/Poisonous%20Weeds.pdf

Tool Craft Activities
- http://www.gsofsi.org/forms/camp/Tool%20Craft%20Information.pdf

Trail Signs for Hiking
- http://www.gsofsi.org/forms/camp/Trail%20Signs%20for%20Hiking.pdf

What Do I Bring Camping
- http://www.gsofsi.org/forms/camp/What%20do%20I%20bring.pdf

Camping Recipe Card
s - http://www.gsofsi.org/forms/camp/Camp%20Recipe%20Cards.pdf
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