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Fathers of comfederation

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brittany addison

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Fathers of comfederation

The Underground Railway
This railway was first established in 1780. In southern states of America slavery had taken place. White people believed that they had power over African Americans; Canadians didn't believe in slavery so they created a secret railway to safely bring black people to Canada where they could be free!
Lord Durham
When upper Canada (Ontario) and lower Canada (Quebec) were segregated Lord Durham recommended that the two areas of the country should be joined together.
Lord Elgin
Lord Elgin started trade between Canada and the USA, helping to strengthen the Canadian economy.
George Brown- politician
George Brown started the Globe newspaper in 1844. He was elected to the Legislative Assembly in 1852. Being part of the government included helping to create laws and make decisions for the people. He was one of the founders of the anti-slave movement in Ontario. George and John A MacDonald join together to make Canada a united country.
Georges Etienne Cartier-politician
John A. MacDonald
John was the first prime minister of Canada and was one of the fathers of confederation. He helped bring the provinces of upper and lower Canada together including Nova Scotia and new bruinswick in 1867. John then brought British Columbia, PEI and the Northwest Territories into Canadian federation. He also helped to build the trans-Canadian railroad.
A look into history!
Fathers of confederation!
This man was a lawyer and fought for the rights of French Canadians through his government party, Le Parti Bleu.
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