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Still Failing at Fairness

No description

Christina Berry

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Still Failing at Fairness

Still Failing at Fairness
Gender Biases in Education
Didn't We Solve This Problem Years Ago?
Opening the Schoolhouse Door
The Beginning of the Classroom Compromise: The Elementary Years
Self-Esteem Slides: The Middle Years
Life in High School
Tests, Grades, and the Boys' Crisis
Higher Education: Peeking Behind the Campus Curtain
Single-Sex Education: A Good Idea?
Possibilities, Such Possibilities
Chapter 1: Didn't We Solve This Problem Years Ago?
Chapter 2: Opening the Schoolhouse Door
1994 Failing at Fairness originally published by Myra & David Sadker.
This text is a follow-up due to the argument that men and women are so different that they should be educated in different ways and for different life roles.
History has played a role in biases towards females in education (spinster teachers, women not allowed to attend school, etc).
Chapter 3: The Beginning of the Classroom Compromise: The Elementary Years
Chapter 4: Self-Esteem Slides: The Middle Years
Chapter 3
The "Okay" Classroom is not
Boy Bastions-Girl Ghettos
Male Magnets
Chapter 7 Higher Education: Peeking Behind the Campus Curtain
Early history of women's education rights and gender segregation
Women are not as prestigious as men
What image does a male teacher present?
Self- doubt and women's public voice
1960's College rule book for women and "gentlemen"
Chapter 8: Single-Sex Education: A Good Idea?
Bias in the Classroom
Boys are the center of attention and most likely to be called on to maintain their attention and maintain discipline.
Girls are the quiet spectators. They are typically well-behaved and ignored.
Bias in Books
More men as heroes, inventors, etc. are mentioned in text books.
Not many books about women in school libraries.
Many teacher were not taught about women's experiences so they do not know how to neutralize omissions or stereotypes in textbooks.
Costs of Entitlement
Teacher interactions can accentuate gender differences.
Teachers talk less to girls, question them less, praise, probe, clarify, and correct them less.
Boys must be managed in order for the class to be managed.
Boys are given more public attention and active instruction.
Cost of Sexism
Boys & Schools: poor school achievement, over diagnosis & referral to Special Eduction, discipline problems. (Boys' Crisis)
Girls & Schools: 2006 over 1/3 students in grades 3rd-12th stated that people think "the most important thing for girls is to get married and have children."
Test Scores: Girls are ahead or equal until high school/college.
Chapter 4
Girl's Costly Free Fall
Losing Their Minds
Boy Bravado
Who do you call on in your classroom?
Boys or girls?
Wait time...do you use it?
What does your class do at recess?
Do you notice a gender divide?
Teachers created the gender divide...apparently.
Who is your smartest student?
Boys are smarter, right?
Do we focus too much attention to the 'trouble makers' and not the rest of the class?
Middle schools are emotional dumping grounds. What about the academics?
Not cool to be smart
Why are they back?
Are single-sex schools or classrooms better than coeducation?
Distraction-free learning
NCLB and Single-Sex Education
"Girls aren't as rowdy."
Brain development in girls vs. boys
Are there types of students who benefit in single-sex education? If so, how do we identify them?

Think about the pay scale difference between men and women. Why do men get paid more?
What are some recent lawsuits against male teachers? Male teachers automatically are seen as gays or pedophiles. Why this image?
Think back to your own experiences as a teacher and as a student. Have you ever been distracted by males?
What is lost or gained when boys and girls are educated separately?
Boys stay away from girls or else appear like one.
Girls don't want to appear too "Girly"
What is Title IX?
What was college like before Title IX?
Are the boys in your classroom the center of attention?
Do you have books about women and men in your library or classroom?
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