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Minnesota Micromotors Simulation

No description

Kalyn Bradford

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Minnesota Micromotors Simulation

Final Score - 65 pts
Market Share - 6%
Cumulative Revenue - $57 m
Cumulative Profit - $5.2 m

Segment A - very satisfied
Segment B - satisfied
Segment C - very satisfied
Segment D - dissatisfied
Small - very satisfied
First Attempt
Segment Focus:

Provided large portion of revenue
Valued Power-To-Size
Needed customization
Least price sensitive
Valued Power-To-Size & Thermal Heat Resistance

2014 Q1

Final Score - 44 pts
Market Share - 4.7%
Cumulative Revenue - $26 m
Cumulative Profit - $520,000
Segment A - dissatisfied
Segment B - dissatisfied
Segment C - dissatisfied
Segment D - dissatisfied
Small - very satisfied
Best Attempt - #2
Segments A & C
List Price - $150...changed discounts over time
A - 8-12%
B - 8-10%
C - 1-4%
D - 15-20%
Increased spending on Large Customers
90% Acquire 10% Retain...brought back up at end
Sales people 11 to 9
45-50% A
32-40% C
took all away from D
Lessons Learned
Cut salespeople to save money!
Segment A requires high maintenance
Allocate a lot of sales time to them
Increase spending on Large Customers
Increase sales price
Gradually stagger discounts over time
Take more chances!
Didn't go out on a limb enough for A & C
Minnesota Micromotors Simulation

Sales Force Allocation
Majority A & C but still left good bit in rest
Stopped Market Research
50% acquiring/attaining
Left list price: $142
A - 12-14%
B - 8%
C - 2-4%
D - 18%
Sales people 11-10
Product Development - Power-to-Size
Cut here when we lost budget
Spent budget every quarter
Except last 2...saved
Every budget increase put $$$ into R&D
Checked Market Research EVERY Q
All $ in Power-To-Size
Invested in Thermal to satisfy C in end
Don't care about D

Emma Willinger, Kalyn Bradford, Katie Hensley, Lindsay Simpson
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