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No description

Olivia McAllister

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of DREAM VACATION

Where in the world do I go??
Over the past few years, my bucket list has grown immensely. Between London, Brussels, Santorini, Tahiti and Sydney, I had an extremely difficult time deciding where I wanted to plan my dream vacation.
Upon arriving at the airport, we will pick up another Ford Escape rental and head over to our hotel. I know we will probably be tired after our flight so it will be an early dinner and probably early to bed (yes, I know I can be an old lady sometimes... but I LOVE my sleep, and whoever I am with will have to too!). While in Vancouver we will definitely be visiting the Aquarium, the University of British Columbia and taking part in some of the night life. I would also love to experience 'Fly Over Canada'. Fly Over Canada is a new attraction where guests are strapped in for a virtual tour of some of Canada's most beautiful areas. I do not want to plan to do too much ahead of time as I would like to take fun activity suggestions from the locals. On July 17th, we have an evening flight back home to Toronto so we will head back to the airport around 2pm so we can drop off our SUV and get checked in nice and early.
Rise and Shine!! We have an early flight from Toronto to Calgary. When we arrive in Calgary, we will pick up our Ford Escape rental and head over to our hotel for an early check in. After dropping our bags off we will explore downtown Calgary, do a little bit of shopping and pick somewhere to eat for dinner. It won't be a late night because the next day we will be heading over the infamous Calgary Stampede. While at the Stampede we will watch the rodeo and do some wandering. The next morning we will check out and drive northwest to beautiful Lake Louise!
Toronto, ON
After 17 days and over 7679 km traveled, we will return home! Based on the prices I have listed here, the trip will cost approximately $4706.30 per person. I think it would be wise to also set aside about $1400 for food, $500 for gas, and $700 for extra spending money. This would bring the total per person to roughly
. The trip would come to a grand total of
for both of us!
All airfare, hotel and car rental costs are based on 2015 listings on http://www.ca.kayak.com and http://www.expedia.ca
My Dream Vacation
Olivia McAllister
Suddenly, I came to the realization that I have not spent enough time exploring my own beautiful country...
So Western Canada, HERE I COME!!
Liv Takes on Western Canada!!

Me + one friend (TBD)
YYZ-YYC: Air Canada Flight 1131
6:30am EST-8:44am MST

Lake Louise,
Banff National Park, AB
Jasper National Park, AB
Edmonton, AB
YEG-YVR: West Jet Flight 141
5:05pm MST-5:38pm PST

YVR-YYZ: Air Canada Flight 1180
6:00pm PST-1:22am EST

2693 km
~4 hour and 14 minute flight
204 km
~2 hour and 5 minute drive

Rental car: $150/day
Hotel room: Clarion Hotel and Conference Center $189/night
Stampede Tickets: $83/ticket for section 216
It is important for me to have the major details figured out, like where I am going to rest my head at night, but I do not want every moment of my life planned out here... I am on vacation after all!!
About a year and a half ago, the show 'The Bachelor' visited the absolutely breathtaking Fairmont Chateau on Lake Louise. I have been set on going, and staying there ever since I watched the episode! I would like to arrive early in the afternoon and go for a canoe ride across the lake before dinner. Over the next 3 days I would love to hike the Plain of Glacier Lake trail and the Bow Glacier Falls trail. I also plan on getting a massage at the hotel spa, and of course, taking as many pictures as I possibly can.
July 2nd-July 4th
July 4th-July 8th
Hotel Room: Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise $627/night
Relaxation Full Body Massage: $155/person
Banff Park Passes: $78.50 for 4 day family pass (best price)
237 km
~ 3 hour and 25 minute drive

July 8th-July 11th
My plan is to leave Lake Louise late morning on July the 8th and arrive at our hotel in Jasper around 3pm. While in Jasper I plan on taking a ride on the Jasper SkyTram and would enjoy experiencing the Glacier Skywalk. I've also heard wonderful things about the Miette Hot Springs, but those are about an hour away from our hotel so we may visit those on our way to Edmonton!
Hotel room: Chateau Jasper $209/night
Jasper SkyTram ticket: $35/person
Jasper National Park Pass: $9.80/person/day
Glacier Skywalk Package: $24.95/person
Miette Hot Springs: $6.05/person
357 km
~4 hour and 1 minute drive
Hotel Room: Fantasyland Hotel $199/night
Adventure Mini Golf Ticket: $9.90/person
July 11th-July 12th
We are going to leave Jasper fairly early on the 11th as the trip to Edmonton is about 4 hours total and when we get there, we HAVE to go to the West Edmonton mall! Even if we don't have the energy to shop the entire mall, we have to at least see this place that has over 800 stores, an 18-hole mini putt course, an indoor water park AND an indoor amusement park!! Our 5pm flight on the 12th allows us to spend a little bit more time at the mall in the morning before our 35 minute drive to the airport. I would like to arrive at the airport around 2:30 so we can drop off our rental car and check into our short flight from Edmonton to Vancouver British Columbia!
~1 hour and 32 minute flight
July 12th-July 17th
SUV Rental: $39/day
Hotel Price: Holiday Inn Vancouver Centre $198/night
Vancouver Aquarium: $29/person
Fly Over Canada: $18.95/person if purchased online
3366 km
~4 hour and 22 minute flight
However, because this is one of my absolute dream vacation's, I am willing to wait and save money to make it come true. But why exactly, is exploring my own country a dream to me??? Why am I choosing to do my project on this particular vacation??? Well... There are a multitude of reasons...
Even though I would love to take this trip as soon as I can, I do realize that I may have to wait more than 2 and a half years to take it exactly as I have planned. I would have to save about $230/month starting now to be able to pay for the trip in its entirety before I left. Unfortunately, I do not think I will be able to save this much each month at this point in my life.
I am extremely proud to be Canadian but have yet to discover what the a huge portion of my country has to offer.
I had started this project two times before this but felt the need to restart both times. My desire to go out West prevented me from getting exceedingly excited about going to Europe or planning a romantic honeymoon with a spouse I may not have even met yet!
Finally, I just feel a sense of calmness, serenity and peace whenever I think, hear or see anything related to Western Canada. This unknown space has a piece of my heart before I can even make it a place of my own.
All pictures that were not mine include references beneath them
Activity costs came from the following websites:
NOTE: trip has been planned based on Calgary Stampede 2015 schedule. Actual dates and prices are subject to change.

Calgary, Banff, Jasper, Edmonton, Vancouver

July 2-18, 2017


Watch... and See...

A luxurious vacation to the West

This vacation is a dream for me because I have very little experience being anything other than an organized mass tourist. This vacation gives me a chance to be more of an explorer as I am the one in control of what I will be doing and where I will be staying. Even though I have chosen to take part in "touristy" activities, I have planned it all on my own and will not be a part of a tour group.
A little more about me:
I have lived in Scotland, a small town located south of Brantford, my entire life
I believe that being raised in a rural village has shaped my personality in a positive way
I like to think that I am fairly laid back and even though I certainly enjoy nice things, it is usually the things we cannot put a price on that make me the happiest
After reading this, I felt even more motivated and ecstatic to plan my journey to the West
This vacation allows me to truly appreciate the small things in life, such as the breathtaking blues of Lake Louise and the crisp mountain air in Banff, but also lets me interact with other people who appreciate the same things as I do, like the laid back country life.

Like most 21 year old's, my wanderlust is at an all time high
However, I am a homebody so it is tremendously important for me to plan a vacation where I can feel comfortable and in control
I recently came across a quote that helped ease my feelings of anxiety about leaving home...
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