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GEOS 141 Day 1

Introduction to the course, syllabus, and a bit of physics.

Leslie Atkins

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of GEOS 141 Day 1

NSCI 141
August 29, 2013

The syllabus
The learning
The physics
What do I expect of you?
What can you expect of me?
What can we expect in this course?
I mean it
strategic learners
what accounts for the difference?
Why should you learn physics?
types of learners
focused on making good grades, gaming the "system," figuring out what the teacher wants
deep learners
surface learners
remember as many details as possible, trying as best they could to replicate what they had read
thought about arguments they encountered in the text
distinguished between evidence and conclusions in those arguments
identified key concepts
usually feel overwhelmed, or think they just can't learn the material
try to memorize as a way of making it through
try to make meaning of what they are learning
primarily concerned with understanding
trying to make a good grade, but often fail to understand conceptually
their learning will have little sustained or substantial influence on the way they subsequently think
what about a class inspires deep learning?
what about a learner brings about deep learning?
think back to things you have learned deeply.
Due Wednesday
Homework 1 & 2
register online, using email handle
instructions will be online.
in your book (and online)
it's possible to do very well in school and learn very little.
the cart
Chemical Potential Energy
Kinetic Energy
"When a person uses their muscles to increase the speed of an object during a contact interaction their chemical potential energy decreases."
"a change in the speed of an object is evidence that the amount of kinetic energy it has changes."
"When the objects in an interaction push or pull on each other and at least one of them changes its speed, this is evidence for a transfer of Mechanical Energy."
Pushing a cart
if you have not been to lab this week, come see me.
if you are on the waitlist, come see me.
* there is not likely to be room in any section other than 4 - 6 *
Language & physics
mistakenly believe
force/force exerted
ability (to move, to change, to work)
causes power
the combination of force, momentum and speed
useable power source
is power
A new representation
1. a 'chunk' of energy is labeled with a letter
2. all 'chunks' of energy live in objects - which are represented as boxes
3. transfers (energy moving from one object to another) are shown with arrows from one box to another.
4. transformations (energy changing from one form to another) are represented by an arrow from one letter to another.
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