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BBBS Orientation

No description

Rob Blevins

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of BBBS Orientation

Big Brothers Big Sisters:
Volunteer Orientation

Volunteer Requirements
At least 18
If under 21, you must have lived in service area for at least 6 months
1 year commitment
Valid driver's license and insurance
NO drug or alcohol offenses within the last 3 years
NO issues with substance abuse in the last 5 years
NO felony convictions
NO current drug use or participation in underage drinking
Must demonstrate stable lifestyle, emotional maturity, and responsible judgement
Your Role
Be a positive role model
Share an interest
Set appropriate boundaries
Be consistent
Where you work
How did you hear about us?
Why do you want to volunteer?
To provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported, 1 -to- 1 relationships that change their lives for the better, forever.
Who we serve
Facing adversity
Large and diverse family backgrounds
1/3 have an incarcerated parent
Site Based
Mentoring 101
Lunch Buddies
Salvation Army
Enrollment Process
1. Orientation
2. Interview (bring license and insurance)
3. Background Check ($16)
4. References
5. Public Domain Search
Can take up to 30 days
But most importantly:
They all have elected and applied!
Match Process
Match Support
Community Based
Matching Process
1. Profile
2. Pre-Match
3. Match
4. Support Contacts
Match Support
We'll get info through email, phone calls, and surveys
You're required to call/email us back
Build a Partnership
Why: Parents/Guardians must approve of all outings

Ask for permission about activities
Be dependable, open, and honest
Plan ahead and be flexible
Respect their privacy
Our #1 priority
**Program Staff can close a match at any time if the guidelines are not met**
Child Safety
Maintain appropriate boundaries
Follow rules/regulations for appropriate match relationships
Follow Missouri Child Restraint Laws
You're a Mandated Reporter
Ground Rules
Spend 8 hours a month with your Little
Contact BBBS if an emergency occurs
Parent/guardian must approve of all outings
Do not use cell phone while transporting Little
Do not consume alcohol before/during outing
Keep firearms locked and secure
No home-visits in first 3 months
No overnights in first 12 months
Do not spend a lot of money
Do not consent to favors
Do not become over-involved in Little's family
Commit to 1 year
*and don't forget... it's fun!
1. Introductions
2. Mission
3. Volunteer Requirements
4. Our Kids
5. Programs
6. Match Support
7. Results
8. Q&A
Low cost, No cost
Plan ahead (and with Little)
Set spending limits
Match Discounts
Match Activities
Get creative
Try new things!!
Staying Involved
Special Events:
Bigs Only
Bigs for Bigs
Match Activities
90% improved self-esteem
52% less likely to skip school
81 % changed what they thought was possible
Ground Rules
Meet on-site only
No outside contact
1 year commitment
Limit gift-giving to special occasions
No alcohol or tobacco
Follow all school/club rules
Your Role

Be consistent
Be a positive role model
Maintain appropriate boundaries
Have fun!
What is Match Support?
Monthly contacts
Activities & Ideas
Positive feedback
Child safety education
Call anytime!
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