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Ruminant metabolism: an investigation into fat cow syndrome in dairy cows

No description

O Tigg

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Ruminant metabolism: an investigation into fat cow syndrome in dairy cows

By Olivia Tigg Ruminant metabolism: An investigation into fat cow syndrome in dairy cows Wrote a 5000 word dissertation
Investigated Fat cow syndrome in dairy cattle What did I do for my EP? I was originally given the idea on work experience. Why did I choose to do this for my EP? Aims/ Objectives My topic: What is Fat Cow Syndrome? Problems I encountered with my project I study Biology and chemistry at college and I wanted to do and extended project which increased and broadened my knowledge in this area I want to study veterinary medicine at university and writing this dissertation would give me an idea of what it would be like to research and write a report in this field. To learn about fat cow syndrome - To investigate ruminant metabolism and digestion

- To discover more about metabolic disorders in cattle

- To develop skills in areas not used in my A level subjects:
Note taking
Essay writing
Structuring a project Fat cow syndrome is a production disease It is a combination of metabolic, digestive, infectious and reproductive conditions affecting the mother cow around birth It centres around fatty liver disease I changed my title late in the process; early May, so I had very little time to plan and write my presentation To solve this I changed my hand in date to October, giving me plenty of time to complete my project To help me take notes I used a 'Cornell' method and a connect-extend-challenge style of evaluation I found finding sources and taking helpful notes on them difficult I couldn't find many appropriate book sources, so I used Google Scholar to find peer assessed articles as sources. I found it difficult to manage my time effectively To help me, I made a long term colour-coded calendar and set my self targets on Google Calendar, which gave me alerts How do I feel about my project outcome? I think my project went well, as I feel that I have met the objectives I set out for myself What would I do differently were I to do it again? I would spend more time considering my topic to begin with, so that I would not change ideas halfway through I would also have made sure to set more specific and frequent targets; for example, writing notes for a specific source by a certain date. I could have improved my diary entries by recording in a greater level of detail, which would have been more helpful to look back on. Higher prevalence of other metabolic disorders such as ketosis and hypocalcaemia Characterized by very obese cows rapidly losing weight Higher prevalence of infections such as toxic mastitis/ metritis What are the symptoms? Poor appetite and poor milk yield Why is Fat Cow Syndrome a problem for farmers? Cows have a lower yield, so farmers cannot earn as high a profit from their milk Farmers have to spend more money on vets bills It is a serious condition and can be fatal, so farmers have to pay for replacement cows It is estimated to have cost the USA $60 million in 2004
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