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Syrian Refugee Crisis

No description

Kendra Gonzalez

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of Syrian Refugee Crisis

Syria's Civil War
Social and Econmic Upheaval
Daily day to day life
Syrian's would not have the transportation they needed
Money to provide foe their families
Russia boming syria
Moving for a better life
Bashar al-Assad
The Syrian refugee crisis
Began spring of 2015
Four Million fleeing
6,000 trying to enter
10,000 enter a day
22,000 have died
:January 2011:
The Syrian refugee crisis
Syria's Civil War
March 6- Hamza Khateeb 13 year old
March 15

Movement Arab Spring
Protestors were demanding the resignation of the president and the end of the syrian regime
Syrian Regime- Ba'ath Party Rule
"Friday of Dignity" March 18

Social and Economic Upheaval
Bashar al-Assad Dictatorial and Tyrannical Leadership
Syria's Hated President
Bad Leadership qualities
People took the streets and and protested against
al-assads Government
Government attacked the protestors
More than 250,000 People died
JANUARY 2012 - Promise

Lets help and attack the symptoms
Instead of closing out doors lets all take a part in this and shelter those that need us
What if this was you or your family?
What would you do to help?
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