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All About Me

No description

Hannah Shull

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of All About Me

30 Things All About Me I have blue eyes
I also have dirty blonde hair There is 6 people in my family including my mom, dad, and 4 of us kids.

I was born on June 4, 2001 My name is Hannah One of my favorite sports is Gymnastics I LOVE to run!!! I love the outdoors!!!! I have 2 dogs and 2 cats
My dogs' names are Zoe and Rosie
My cats' names are Cuddles and Chica When grow up I ("think") that I want to be an Orthodontist My favorite school subject is Math! I am a bowler
Someday my goal is to be on the High School girls A-Team!!!!!! I like to joke and mess around with my friends A-LOT!!!!!! Some day I want to go to the college campus of Michigan State University I like to hang out with my friends most of the time!!! :) I attend Ravenna Middle School My favorite colors are purple, lime green, and all neon colors!!!! My hair is curly but I HATE it like that so I straighten it a lot!!!

My favorite drink is the Shamrock shake at McDonalds!!!!

I am 11 years old I am a very talk-a-tive person and my friends say that my mouth could run all the way to California and back in 30 seconds!!!!!! I LOOVVEEE to travel with my family and go on vacations!!!! My favorite sport is volleyball! I have a little brother and sister, an older brother, and an exchange student. I have had 9 exchange students in the past and next year we are getting another one!!! I have had exchange students from: Germany, Macededonia, Brazil, South Korea, Norway, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain(2 of them), and next year we are getting one from Sweden!!!!! My Favorites: Movie:

Food: Pasta or Tacos

Drink: Thanks 4 Watching My Prezi!!!!! Hope you enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!! :) I love visiting Disney World and seeing all of the coolest characters in the world!!!!!!!!!! :) I play the Trumpet with 4 others in Band class!!! In High School, When we can play a second instrument, I want to play Percussion!!!!! www.gracenotesbands.com en.wikipedia.org fanpop.com www.123rf.com www.allenbeverages.com realmomkitchen.com tacobell.com en.wikipedia.org www.hudson.edu www.pixlis.com 1-background.com the-life-of-krista-marie.blogspot.com www.mylifeasamrs.com (favorites word)
www.ironarchive.com (stars) (I created on fotoflexer.com) justrandomshots.tumblr.com tumblr.com www.delawarebusinessblog.com lilz.com ravennaschools.org www.chelseaalbertphotos.com mobile.brothersoft.com friendship-bracelet-blog.myfbm.com 123rf.com cliffmass.blogspot.com work.chron.com www.youwall.com tumblr.com technorati.com zimbio.com (P.S. I have music if you would like to listen to it...!!!!)
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