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How did the US stop the spread of Communism?

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Mykele Smith

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of How did the US stop the spread of Communism?

How did the US stop the spread of Communism?
Containment in Berlin
The Soviets had "expansive tendencies" (X). The Soviets wanted to isolate West Berlin from the the West and take them over. The United States saw this as a threat and took it seriously. They wanted to stop it. The United States, Britain, and France decided to save West Berlin with an airlift (Berlin Map). They flew in supplies that fed millions of people for nearly a year (Berlin Map). The Policy of Containment was shown because it kept Berlin from being added to the communism sphere of influence. The Berlin Airlift contained communism. The United States helped the Communist surrounded Berlin so it did not have to surrender to the Soviet Union(Berlin Map). The United States' help made Berlin stay away from communism because it was blockaded by communist Soviets and helped by democratic United States.
Containment in Cuba
Background Information
The cold war was a time of tension between the United States and the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was communist which is an economic system in which the government owns all property and there is no competition between businesses. The United States was democratic which is an economic system in which individuals own their own property, control their wages and can have competition with competing businesses. The United States tried to spread Democracy and contain Communism.
Containment in Korea
"Communist North Korea (supported by Stalin) invades US-supported South Korea. The attack comes without warning and president Harry Truman, with the help of the United Nations, vows to defend democratic South Korea" (Korea). The US defended the democratic South Korea so it would not become a part of Communist North Korea and China. American forces and the United Nations in Japan after World War II are sent to help South Korea (Korea). All the United Nations countries are helping by fighting and to help stop communism because they are helping with the Democratic US. MacArthur attacks Incheon and pushes North Korea and China back (Korea). They are slowly pushing communism back out of Korea.
The Bay of Pigs Mountain tries to take over communist Fidel Castro and fails in April, 1961 (Cuba). They are putting in effort to stop Cuba from being communist. The United States announces a quarantine against ships coming to Cuba with weapons on October 23, 1961 (Cuba). They are trying to stop the Soviet Union from launching missiles to stop democracy. On October 18. 1961, the Soviets removed their missiles from Cuba and the crisis is avoided (Cuba). The Soviet Union is being persuaded by the US and the Soviet Union is pushed away.
The United States and the Soviet Union were having a Cold War because they had two different economies of democratic and communist. The US tried to contain communism and the the Soviet Union tried to spread it.
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