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Eastern Comics (manga) vs Western Comics (Graphic Novels)

The similarities and differences of manga and graphic novels.

Rachel Brinkman

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of Eastern Comics (manga) vs Western Comics (Graphic Novels)

WELCOME! Western Comics vs Eastern Comics Senior Project by:
Rachel Brinkman What are Western Comics? Eastern? Western Comics known as
"graphic novels" or "American Comics" Eastern Comics are known
as "manga." What are comics? Comics are:
Images and words that work together to make a unique story. Bleach (manga) Iron Man (comic) Brief History Manga Although the style is nothing like
manga is today, the old drawings
we see as "traditional" paintings it
would still have the text in
graphics that we know as manga

Manga officially began at the beginning
of the 19 century. Graphic Novels Comics came to be in the West during the 1930s when magazines began to print and sell them at newsstands.

Superman changed the comics to be sold in book format. Genres of Manga Shonen- Manga made towards
the young male audience. This genre is particularly action with the main character gaining strength to achieve a certian goal. Shojo- Manga made towards the young women audience (teens) that focus more on real life relationships such as dating, school and more. Seinen- Manga made more for
the adult audience; CAN contain
violence and sexual themes. Kodomo- Manga made for children, most of the stories are humorus, casual, and familiar. There are also other minor genres
that can fall into any of these categories. Genres of Graphic Novels Superheroes: 70 years in the making, this genre is the most popular out of all the graphic novel genres. Crime Drama: One of the most common;
title says it all. Stories about cops and
criminals. Science Fiction/Fantasy: Sci-Fi and Fantasy go together because of things that either couldnt happen, or could happen. Horror Genre: Focuses more on dark creatures and suspense; this is one of the least popular genres. Adventure Genre: The widest of all the genres, this can be about many different types of people and things such as spies, archeologists and more. Biographical Works: Comics set in more of a historical setting such as WWII in Maus a comic about the Holocost victims. Materials in Making Manga Manga Paper Pen Nibs Fine Tip Brushes Ink White Ink Fine Pen Eraser Pencils Ruler Screentones X-acto knife Tracing Paper Tape Materials in Graphic Novels Pencils w/ different leads Rulers T-squares Pencil Sharpeners Erasers (polymer white) Pen and Inks Paper Computer and Scanner Using some of the same materials as manga artists (or any artist) the graphic novelist may use more pens than nibs and the computer for coloring rather than markers or paint. Markers Styles of Manga The stereotypical style of manga is with the big eyes, simple nose (sometimes even small), and sometimes long bodies. However, in truth, the styles of manga can be as realistic or as graphic as you want them to be, even though the most popular ones that we see today have more of the big eyes style. It doesnt change the fact that there are different more realistic styles. For Example:
The oldest style of manga was based off more of the old Western Cartoon. Astro Boy is one of the oldest mangas out there and was really popular when it was first made by the legendary Ozamu Tesuka. Another example: Akira Another older manga that was created by the author Katsuhiro Otomo. As you can see, Akira has a more realistic style, although a hint of graphic design.
And Astro Boy having a more cartoon look compared to the older cartoons created by us in the US. Styles of Graphic Novels The same as manga, it can be whatever style that you want it to be. Realistic like Marvel or DC or even like an old newspaper comic. All of the styles can also depnd on the artists technique of outlining and coloring. The biggest style difference would be that manga is always all in black and white. Manga vs Anime There is only one difference between manga and anime. Anime: The animated version of a manga (think of a superhero comic in to a movie or cartoon series. Manga: The comic interpretion (usually made first.) And just like a movie interpretation the anime and manga can go in completely different story directions. Chrono Crusade is a good example. My Creative Process (The steps to draw a manga.) Step 1: Create a Story.
Step 2: Design Characters
Step 3:Create outline of story
Step 4: Start drawing with thumbnails
Step 5: Draw a larger first copy
Step 6: Draw the final copy
Step 7: Ink, Letter, and add tones. Roles of Creators. Manga: Usually there is just one person working on the manga, however, there can also be more than one person creating the manga. There can be a writer involved, even a character designer. Graphic Novels: Sure there is always a person who does the drawings and the story writing, but there is alot more roles in the Graphic Novel world than the manga world. There are:
1: Artists
2: Writers
3: Letterers
4: Colorists
5: Inkers. NOTE: Mangas also work at a printing company, and like any writer, they work with a editor to get their deadlines and bounce around good ideas. Jintaro Examples: Copy vs Final What I have learned? There are many things that I have learned during this project. In the workplace? <to> <to> <to> Narrative of Manga The narrative of a manga has a longer panel "flow." The story, unlike graphic novels, do not always show the background in which the characters are. That is why some panels in manga focus more on the scenery rather than the people. Also, the speech in the panels itself sets manga apart. Narrative of Graphic Novels The way graphic novels are written is more by a script. Panels that have more than one person, the panel can have alot more speech bubbles. So much of the panel is different compared to an original manga. Any Questions? THE END Thank you all for coming.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks judges and my mentor
Mr Huffman. Mentor Mr Huffman
PHSC Art Teacher Inspirations Tite Kubo
Yuu Watase
Hiromu Arakawa Why comics you ask? Hart, Christopher. “How to Draw Comicbook Heroes and Villians Christopher Hart.” Watson-Guptill Publications, 1995. Web. 06 Oct. 2010.
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