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DICE SEO Strategy

No description

Jonathan Duarte

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of DICE SEO Strategy

DICE SEO Strategy
Increase :
SEO Monthly Visitors by 300%
DICE Monthly visitors by 450,000
in 6 months!

Implement On Page Architecture
Create the SEO optimized webpages.
Browse Pages
Promotion of Pages to Search Engines
Reporting & Tracking (internal & external tools)

Integrate Social Media Campaign
SearchMetrics 2013 SEO Survey:
- 74% of SEO Results are based on External Factors, like Backlinks.
- 45% of Search Results are based on Social Media Interaction.

DICE has a very strong Social Brand.
Promoting the new SEO structured pages within the existing Social Marketing Campaigns will dramatically affect SEO results.

Increase SEO Site Visitors by 300%
Add 400,000 monthly visitors
$500,000 per month in New Visitors
Consulting Project
20 hours per week (inhouse /offsite /open)
Weekly Reporting to Management.
½ Weekly Rate of $3,000 per week.
Resources needed: programmer / web designer
2 week deliverable of SEO Strategy Plan
4 week deliverable of SEO Architecture
Jonathan Duarte
Create SEO Strategy & Plan
Competitive Research
Site Architecture
Business Goals
On Page Factors - Site Architecture
Off Site (External) Factors - Social Media Integration
Monthly SEO Visitors = 144,000
Keywords Ranked = 24,373
Top 10 Keywords = 1,666

DICE Current SEO Stats:
Job Aggregator:
Monthly SEO Visitors
December 2012 < 5,000 March 2013 > 120,000
Top 10 Keywords = 5,671

Monthly SEO Visitors = 1,835,000
Top 10 Keywords = 61,353

Monthly SEO Visitors = 17,528,329
Top 10 Keywords = 220,000+
Keywords Ranked = 1,810,000
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