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Teachings of Writing

No description

Grace Taylor

on 26 October 2017

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Transcript of Teachings of Writing

Writing is a beautiful thing....
But can be scary!
This course has helped me become more confident with my own writing, and begin to learn how to teach writing to children.
Here's a quick overview of the main points I have learned.
Different Types of Writing
We have also explored the different types of writing! Below are just a few that we have focused on.. and some examples as well!
Mentor Texts
We have also studied quite a few mentor texts to help us come up with our own! Here are a few of my favorites...
Ideas For Writing
Finally, we studied how to create our own ideas for writing! Some ways could be by making lists of:
Things you're scared of...
Things you love...
Things you wanna do before you die...
Things you're proud of...
Writing Workshops...
The idea of writing workshops is one we have studied a lot in this course, and is definitely something I will utilize in my own classroom!
Teachings of Writing
Some important things to think about in a writing workshop is environment! It's important to create a safe place for children to share and explore their thoughts. It's also important to make sure this space provokes creativity and positivity!

It is so important for children to feel that they are achieving something through these workshops. You can do this by having them set goals.
Some goals could be...
"I know I am finished when...
- All of my pages are full...
- All of my illustrations...
- I have a date stamp...
- I have shared my writing..."
Compelling Arguments!
Purposeful Storytelling
Gashlycrumb Tinies
here are even more examples!!
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