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Beaumont Developments Ltd

No description

Devon Burley

on 14 June 2016

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Transcript of Beaumont Developments Ltd

Area to be fully scanned by a trained cat and genny operator
Permit to dig should be opened before and closed after the activity
The working area should be segregated by barriers
Utilities drawing to be provided on the positioning of any buried services
Dust suppression/control to be used whenever reasonably practicable (dust extraction or water suppression)
all equipment must in date with valid certification held on site
Contaminated waste must be disposed of in accordance with the Duty of Care and hazardous/special waste regulations.
Beaumont Developments Ltd
Client: Beaumont Developments Ltd
Designer: Beaumont Developments Ltd
Principal Designer: Kendal Architectural Services

Site: Borrowman's Field, Mere Wiltshire

Site Rules
No smoking on site unless in designated areas
No traffic movement on site until the overhead cables have been disconnected/isolated and the clearance certificate has been issued
All on site must adhere to the traffic control plan
All are to restrict the use of noisy plant to the hours of 10:00am-12:00pm and 14:00pm-16:00pm
All entrants to site must sign in to the site visitors log and sign out upon leaving
All employees and visitors are to use the designated welfare facilities as detailed in the site plan
Details of fire wardens and the location of the fire escape routes must be displayed and communication during site inductions
Registers must be available for portable appliance testing, fire alarms and other emergency planning
Major risks
Demolition and removal of old asbestos roofed industrial units and stripping of asbestos lagging
Excavation and removal of contaminated ground
Establishment of the site compound and interface with the school and elderly people's home
Piling foundations - some within the area of contaminated ground
Work adjacent to overhead electrical cables
Difficulties for any wheeled plant required to traffic over the site
Asbestos Removal
Check results of asbestos survey
Appointed person(s) to carry out risk assessment for asbestos removal
Specialized licensed asbestos removal contractor to carry out removal works
Sub-contractor to have been fully signed off on their RAM's/Safe systems of work and all valid certification approved
Sub-contractor to have been fully site inducted
All operatives to have asbestos awareness training
Ensure client has notified HSE within 14 days prior to removal/demolition works
All waste to be removed to a licensed waste depot
Borrowman's Field
Two-storey housing and three- storey flats development, including access roads, roundabout, driveways and sewers up to depths of 2m
Welfare Facilities:
One main welfare compound located in area C and one satellite welfare facility located in area A which includes;
office space
canteen facilities with hot & cold running water, means of heating up food
W/C facilities to include 4x mens and 4x womens and 4 supplementary portaloo's across the site
Shower facilities
Drying room

Area D segregated to protect buyers and sales staff and parking restricted to just visitors. Operative parking in segment C.
Traffic limited to 5mph
One way traffic
Fencing surrounding the site and 24 hour CCTV to keep out any unauthorized personal
Entrance and exit positioned to ensure that any nuisance to adjacent properties is minimized
Site Layout
All underground services should be located and made safe
Before works commence a lifting plan signed off by the safety team
Piling operations need to take into account the ground conditions
All plant and machinery must have valid certification (every 12 months) and any accessories (every 6 months)
All workers on the operation should be trained and have the appropriate certification
Piling Foundation Works
Thank you :)

Matt Cooke
Nathan Hakes
Helena Powell
Devon Burley
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