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Dogme Teaching Method

No description

Helene Lueb

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of Dogme Teaching Method

Key Principles
Dialogic processes
Scaffolded conversations
Critical Use
Learner at the center
Circular seating
Few materials
Students decide day's language focus or topic
Difficulties for teachers
Requires teacher to:
listen carefully
make on-the-spot decisions (regarding language focus, skills focus, and practice activities)
Students can better recall and internalize language if it is immediate and relevant
Personalized contexts engage students more
What is it?
students' language needs and interests take place of materials with prescribed language points
grammar and vocab arise naturally during lesson
classroom becomes "no-go" zone for the English Language textbook
Dogme Teaching Method
Main Precepts:
Conversation-driven teaching
Materials light approach
Emergent language
Dogme is learner-centered
Linguistic Theory
Language learning is an emergent phenomenon
It is self-organizing and comes from the learner, not imposed by external structure
Teachers engage learners in real-life communication
This pushes the students to produce more language and become more involved in the accuracy of their message
Environment in Dogme classroom lowers learner's affective filter to feel uninhibited in a second language
Language is personalized
If the teacher is well-prepared and eager, the Dogme method very positively benefits the students
Provides a confidence boost for the teacher when succesfull
Great way to get to know students and better understand their needs
Coulter, D. (n.d.) Learning their way: Dogme ELT. Retrieved from http://www.teachhub.com/learning-their-way-dogme-elt-one-teachers-viewpoint
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