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The Simpsons

Matt Groening is the creator and director of the simpsons

Keri McQuality

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of The Simpsons

Matt Groening creatpr of "The Simpsons" born on February 15 is an American cartoonist,
screenwriter and producer. he is also the creator of "Life In Hell", "King Of the Hill", & "Futurama" Won 11 Primetime Emmys.
Another 1 win & 22 nominations One of his trademarks is cartoon characters with overbites The Comic Book Guy, a character in "The Simpsons" is a version of what Matt Groening considers himself to be like. Graduate of Lincoln High School - Portland, Oregon
Two sons
Homer (born in 1991),
Abe (born in 1993).

Many members of the Simpson family are named for members of his own family Marge Simpson Marge Simpson is a happy homemaker and mother of three. her children are her pride &joy
but her husband tests her patience She is very close with her sisters and father-in-law Homer is a normal man. He's a husband, father, and keeps a job at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Homer Simpson He is normally complaining about something to Marge. Marge Bouvier, his highschool sweetheart, and Homer settled down in Evergreen Terrace, the nicest upper-lower-middle class section of Springfield, to raise his three precious children. Homer is fond of Duff Beer, donuts, Marge's pork chops and watching the Bee Guy on the Spanish channel. Bart is a missunderstood kid that
trys to get his father to accept him. Bart Simpson Bart is one of those kids
who is ALWAYS in trouble. He looks out for his sister, Lisa; he's befriended outcasts and misfits like Milhouse Van Houten and Ralph Wiggum; was going to be a star in a movie but ended up not being one She's only 8 and already reads at a 14th grade level Lisa Simpson she has written a number of application-quality essays, one of which won her family a free trip to Washington, D.C. Her favorite activities include playing her saxophone, attending school and reading Non-Threatening Boys Magazine. Lisa tried unsuccessfully to create her own talking doll, Lisa Lionheart. She's learned to spell her own name with an Etch A Sketch, she's wandered the town of Springfield all by herself, and she's shot Springfield's richest man because he attempted to steal her lollipop. Maggie Simpson Eventually, she'd like to learn how to speak and walk without falling down.
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