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The Pub: Survive, Thrive, or Die?

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Jake Orfinger

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of The Pub: Survive, Thrive, or Die?

The Pub: Survive, Thrive, or Die?
Drinking places was the only sector of the food services and drinking places industry that experienced decline from 05 -06.

Mount Alison is a small university in Canada
university allows drinking on campus, created The Pub
operates separately but at the discretion of the university
Decision Making and Governance
The Pub has a clear, but not strict hierarchy, in which seniority and experience play a significant role
The board of directors plays an advisory role, and imparts a checks and balances system
In the 2006-2007 year, the board made a decision to reduce Scooter's salary, as well as hire a student manager
Financial Issues
used all financial reserves
minimum wage rise $1.54 from 2004 to 2008
increasing insurance cost
competition cost $15,000 annually
universal 6.2% decline in revenue in 2006
Operating Issues
The new pub is 500 square feet smaller
Change in culture and working environment
Student Life Education Company putting increased pressure on Pub
Target Markets
The pub is open to all students, faculty, and anyone in the Mount Allison community, who is of the legal drinking age
They host events including Tuesday Trivia Nights, occasional wet/dry or completely dry events, weekend dance parties (most popular), and even try to attract more sophisticated summer guests
Melanie P, Alex P, Jake O, Caylie Z
Renovations to the old University Center force the Pub to change locations
evolving economic situations put additional stress on the pub
Net earnings down to -$28,835 in 2005 from $28,298 in 2001
The first steps:
Identifying the issues that are holding back a business from succeeding
Taking advantage of the opportunity to remodel one's business plan

SOLUTION: switch to a "multi-purpose" model that offers food and a diversified range of programming to attract and retain customers
Opportunity for a New Business Model: The New Location
professional appearance
new appliances
new furniture
decisions to make:
a permanent DJ booth vs. a flexible booth?
Pool tables?
# of chairs?
# of tables?
# of registers?
if the bar can serve 300 guests but capacity is 150 does the pub rent out space next door?
Adjusting to Fix Issues:Less Alcohol More Food
Worn but Adored
symbolizes tradition and an adored hangout spot
small and not accessible to students with disabilities
run-down appearance, exposed pipes and old furniture
common complaint is long lines
Social Workplace
all employees are students except for two
retention is an issue and replacement is difficult
working environment is fun and enjoyable
they receive drink discounts and tips of up to $400 a week
It was difficult to attract a crowd because they could not advertise that their drink prices were lower than at other bars in town, since it conflicted with the University's policies.
Is there anything that you think the pub should have done differently before it moved? if so what?
What should the new Pub be like?
Do you think the Pub is straddling to meet everyone's needs?
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