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William Bradford

How he put up a fight, confronted the unexpected, and defended human dignity

AJ Bradford

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of William Bradford

Bradford William Early Life Born mid-March 1590 in Austerfield, Yorkshire
Father died when William was one year old
Mother died when he was 7
Passed around from family to family
Ended up with two uncles at farm Read Bible in spare time At 12, began attending church meetings taught by Rev. Clyfton
He taught that Church of England needs reformation But King James I would have none of that. So, when William was 17, he and the Clyfton congregation... separated and became outlaws. The Separatists left illegally for the Netherlands, where religious freedom was practiced They settled in Amsterdam, and then Leiden because of more persecution and these 'outlaws' were stalked by the government, thrown in jail, or killed, all in the name of God. But, King James still found ways of bullying them through the Danish government.
And Separatist children were being negatively influenced by Danish culture Decided to start new life in the New World The journey aboard the Mayflower crammed 100 passengers into what was meant to hold 50.
But along the 66 day journey, only 2 people died. 50 more died by the time winter was over Overview of his life 1590 - Born 1607 - Separatists separate from Church of England 1608 - Separatists leave England for the Netherlands 1613 - Marries Dorothy May 1620 - Mayflower voyages 1621 - Becomes governor of Plymouth 1623 - Marries Alice Carpenter (Dorothy had died 1620) 1630 - Begins writing Of Plymouth Plantation 1618 - Has first child 1656 - Retires from governor position 1657 - Dies One of these was Governor Carver, the first governor of Plymouth.
William Bradford was unanimously voted as the next governor, and was reelected 33 times He retired one year before his death in 1657 1592 - Seige of Busan begins Seven Year War 1595 - Romeo and Juliet first performed 1594 - Henry IV crowned 1599 - Globe Theater opens 1604 - First english alphabetical dictionary written 1616 - Shakespeare dies 1631 - Mt. Vesuvius erupts 1636 - Harvard University founded 1632 - Taj Mahal construction begins 1607 - Jamestown settled (first permanent English colony 1653 - Taj Mahal finished Confronting Unexpected Didn't know what he would have to face after accepting Separatism
Indians - completely foreign
Technical issues (boats sinking, etc)
Plagues Put Up A Fight Stood for beliefs/rebelled against government
Fought against violent Indians
Organized a successful colony against all odds Protecting Human Dignity Valued individual salvation over church domination
Oversaw health of all pilgrims
Would rather make peace with Indians than war By AJ Bradford
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