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Untitled Prezi

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Julia Smirnova

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

At present digital technologies allow people to present themselves to the world online, and this has no boundaries and limits For instance all celebrities and influential people including political leaders have their digital profiles. Does it mean that a person (real and virtual) has the same behavioral patterns? At the first glance online persona has only benefits, such as the opportunity to contact with the whole world, share your ideas and find understanding which you can't get in the real life While the lifestyle of the individual suffers from these online habits, Society as a whole also experiences problems as well. Then, let's see how the digital technologies effect on teens and young people as the most common users. Mobile technologies, ubiquitous internet
access and changing patterns of media use are creating a generation
of teens to whom digital technologies are vital GAMING Mobile Gaming is a ubiquitous part of teenagers’ lives.
Between hand-held devices, Xbox, PlayStation,
Wii consoles, iPod, iPhones and Facebook apps,
gaming is a major economy for teens. Social
networking is as large as one expects, free chat, the
ability to post messages to each other’s wall, posting
videos and links being the main draws. However, online gaming is not accessible
for all teens. For example, the cost of an Xbox Live contract for three months is€ 20 euros. As a result, a lot of teenagers are ready to spend enormous amounts of money just to have fun while playing online with their friends. Wi-Fi is a ‘killer feature’ for phones as it allows for free and easy
access email, social networking sites and the web. It is definite that
Wi-Fi is a big factor for teens when choosing a new phone. Thus, we can identify one more problem - SLEEP DEPRIVATION .
Leaving a mobile phone under their pillow while they sleep, in case
they get a text or call, is now commonplace. This stops teenagers
from getting in to a deep and consistent sleep. A Lack of Trust Even from different sides of moral lines. All of the people involved in your online interactions use the similar tactics to obtain data for the achievement of their goals Fewer Inhibitions From deep in their comfort zones, people say things without realizing there impact This often leads to Job Firings Jail Law Enforcement Identity Thieves Who you are When Worlds Collide: The conflict between real and virtual lifestyles A Lack of Empathy Less Social Interaction You are no longer a face to others and a fake one at that Just a name Unwillingness to Help Others A lack of knowledge is often taken as a sign of laziness that the good guys are actually the good guys? why help when they could have Googled it themselves? You never actually meet anyone you know online and this can have many problems Destroyed Relationships Ad Agencies Spyware How do you know While you are online It has become impossible to tell who is on your side. Human worth is lost People online only value you as much as you value a click of your mouse subscribe to my channel!! Like me! Remember to subscribe! Read the FAQ Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. -Google Mission Statement Urgent message about your Visa account Please verify your account information There have never been more people before on this planet Yet Social problems are rampant Thanks to them survival is guaranteed Jobs lost over facebook posts is not always what you want people to see
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