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No description

Peter Daye

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of Building

Building. Peter 's IPP
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
From skyscrapers, to transportation, and even LEGO. Building is everywhere we go. The product of a process. I've always been fascinated by the work somebody or a group of people would have to put in to an object or structure we take for granted. There are many different aspects, but I can only share a few.
From as far back as I can remember, tinkering with LEGO has always been my hobby. I think that might have been why construction interests me so much today. I couldn't say I've ever created a building, or, anything of actual value or importance. A lot of people say LEGO is a waste of time, and that I should actually do something productive. Problem is, they're all right. Although, it has developed my passion, which is simply building.
My House Design
My Experience
Previously built things are all around you, and it has shaped our society today. Malls, office towers, etc., Commercial building today is the fifth largest industry behind food and agriculture, oil/energy, technology, and tourism services. Here are some examples from Edmonton:
Shaping the World
Successful construction businesses will often contribute to charity, and give back to the world.
Charity Organizations Made Possible
Henry Lim

BWB: Builders without borders--- ---
Habitat for Humanity---------------
Build Africa------------------------
Thank you for being a fantastic audience! Remember, stay Creative!
Bungalow complete with Garage, Bonus room, double bathrooms, twin bedrooms, and a living room.
Formerly known
as Telus Plaza,
ATB place was
the tallest
building in
Edmonton, until
1981 when
Manulife Place
was built.
Here in Edmonton, we boast the largest mall in North America, with 800+ Shops!
Founded by Millard Fuller.
Table of Contents
1. Introduction 9. My house Design
2. My Experience
3. Various Occupations
4. Occasional Malfunctions
5. Shaping the World
Various Occupations
According to various websites, there are over 55 different types of jobs in and around construction, but some main ones include:
Architect: Designer of building. Responsible for measurements, attractiveness, etc.
Building Specialist: Follows plan laid by architect, and actually constructs the building.
Carpenter: Saws wood in correct measurement for construction workers to use.
Electrician: Installs things such as lights and power outlets.
They also wire the walls for electricity to travel to different outlets and such.
Engineer: Checks over architect's plan to make sure nothing will go wrong.
Occasional Malfunctions
Building is a great thing, Agreed? Though, not everything always goes as planned. Engineering failures are rare since we have the skilled engineers to prevent them. Yet, they still do occur.

Lotus Riverside Complex, Shanghai.

Groat Road bridge, Edmonton.
Big Nickel Supension bridge, Sudbury.
6. Projects in Edmonton
7. Historical Figures
Projects in Edmonton
Traffic downtown is pretty awful, seemingly, everywhere we go. Part of this is because the workers helping with a tower or something (depending on where you are) occasionally takes up part of a lane. Some Edmonton nuisances include:
Rogers Place Boyle Renaissance Artist's Quarters
Historical figures
Not everything was built in the 21st Century. Some important structures of previous times include:
Great Pyramid of Giza............
2560 BC
Grand Palace of Bangkok.............
Eiffel Tower....
10. Thank you!
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