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Mr Trey energy

No description

Mike Graham

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of Mr Trey energy

Kinetic energy
Potential Energy
Mr Trey Energy


light energy

Thermal energy
Sound energy

Thermal energy is due to randomly moving particles that make up matter. You can feel the flow of thermal energy as heat. the faster particles move, the more thermal energy is produced. people use thermal energy is heat or cook food. the thermal energy causes changes in the food as the food cooks
is the energy of vibrations carried by air water or other matter. you use sound energy when your alarm clock wakes you up or when you listen to your favorite music
is the energy of motion.
Anything moving has this
kind of energy. A moving
swing at the playground or
a hurricane both have kinetic
travels as waves and
can move through
empty space some
light comes from the
sun and travels to
earth. these sun flowers use
this light energy to help make
their own food

is energy caused

movement of
particles. when yo flip on a
light switch or use the toaster you are using electrical energy electricity flows through the
devices to power them.
electrically charged

is energy that
is stored in
object when
an object is in
motion its its potential energy is
released as other forms of energy.
for example when a truck burns fuel
the potential energy in gasoline is
released as sound heat an motion

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