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Brittany Mattia

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of MattiaBotros2UN.ppt

U.N. Intervention WILL Fail
Russia and ISIS
Russia and ISIS
In intervening with ISIS, not only will the intervention fail, but many nations will be hurt in the process. For example, the U.S. will lose most of its soldiers because ISIS is stronger. With the U.S. being involved Great Britain will want to join the fight. It may seem like two nations would be stronger but the damage will be greater.
Stella Botros
Tuesday, June 9 2015
Con Intervention
Russia and ISIS
Britttany Mattia
ISIS: Serious Problem?
In recent news, ISIS has struck Iraq and have killed over thousands and thousands of innocent civilians. As part of the United Nations, Russia is expected to help out Iraq and intervene with ISIS. This issue does not require any intervention because it's not our problem to go to war, help out civilians, while risking our own civilians. Going to war with ISIS will not help the problem, only make it worse. Iraq needs to get through a problem without any help, if it wants to become a successful nation like Russia or the United States. ISIS does need direct intervention, especially from the United Nations.
Russia and ISIS
Recent news with ISIS, has given the United Nations a chance to act or to ignore. As the nation Russia, we believe U.N. intervention will fail. Intervening with one of the most powerful terrorist group with war, will only increase the war, not finish it. By the time the U.N. passes the "okay" to attack, millions of people will already be murdered. Already ISIS has killed thousands of innocent people, and left hundreds of thousands of people homeless with no food or water. Sending troops into a dangerous situation like ISIS, will kill more of our own troops than the actual people of ISIS. Also, who says after we stop ISIS, another group will not emerge, just how ISIS emerged after al Qaeda. Lastly, sending a full army will cost the U.N, alone, $4 to $22 billion! The U.S. is already in debt $1 TRILLION, due to retired veterans. It will cost them an additional $4 billion to pay for the troops that would be sent into Iraq! So really, what is the point in wasting energy, time, and money in a situation where it will only become bigger?
Major obstacles that will prevent successes include:
the fact that ISIS already has thousands of people hostage,war will increase this number.
if the UN intervenes that will give ISIS the propaganda that they want and will increase their power even more
Even if the UN intervenes and ISIS is defeated another terrorist group will arise and will result in another war.
In conclusion you should vote against UN intervention because the middle east needs to learn how to handle and build up its government without help from other nations. The UN will lose more soldiers and innocent civilians combined than ISIS alone. Lastly, we think it is about time the Middle East learns how to handle their problems, to become something great. The UN can help the ISIS problems, but not to the extent where their energy is going to waste from war.
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