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Agile Technical Practices

No description

Nigel Charman

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of Agile Technical Practices

Version Control What to test? Clean Code That Works Readable
Responsive to Change Meets Needs
Zero Defects Document
Feature Create
Fixture Implement
Functionality Write a failing unit or integration test Write code to
make it pass Refactor Agile Acceptance Testing Test Driven Development The Goal: Ports and Adapters Architecture http://alistair.cockburn.us/Hexagonal+architecture Agile Technical Practices Unit test here Integration test here Acceptance test here or here Continuous Integration Build Deploy Verify Analyse Application Living Documentation Testing Exploratory User Interface Performance Security Regression Simple Design Refactoring Pair Programming Supported By Visualising Test Terminology http://www.natpryce.com/articles/000772.html Coding Standards Recommended Reading Acknowledgements Thanks to:

David Peterson for his ideas of the story-driven process (and for the hat and spec icons) http://concordion.org/Questions.html#storyDrivenProcess Nat Pryce for his ideas of Where to Test http://www.natpryce.com/articles/000772.html
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