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MS in Medical Sciences

Program Overview

Jessica Brewer

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of MS in Medical Sciences

MS in Medical Sciences
is a 1 year Master's degree that helps students prepare for medical school, dental school and other health professions programs.
want to improve their qualifications before applying to medical school, dental school or other health professions programs
What will I learn?
The MS in Medical Sciences program helps students:

Transition into the medical school environment

Develop the study skills & time management skills necessary to succeed in future programs.

Improve credentials through a rigorous curriculum & test prep course

Navigate the med school/dental school/PA school application process

Prepare for admissions interviews
Summer Courses
Application Workshops
Clinical Practice Preceptorship
Special Problems: Health Disparity Research & Education
Special Problems: MCAT Prep
Intro to Biochem (optional)
Fall Courses
Principles of Biochem
Molecular Cell Biology
Intro to Health Disparities/Issues in the US
Principles of Epidemiology & Evidence-based Medicine
Structural Anatomy I
Spring Courses
Ethical, Legal and Social Issues for Responsible Clinical Research
Intro to Clinical Research & Studies
Structural Anatomy II
Where are
the graduates?

Graduates have been accepted to:

Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine (UNTHSC)
UT at Houston
UT Health Science Center at San Antonio
UT Southwestern
Texas Tech University
Texas A & M University Health Science Center
Baylor College of Medicine
Baylor Dental School
UT Medical Branch at Galveston
& several out-of-state schools
How do I get started?
Who is
it for?

Factors Considered for Admission
Overall undergraduate GPA
GPA for the last 60 hours completed
GPA for post-bacc or graduate work
Test score
Recommendation letters
Career goals
Volunteer work & clinical experience
Reasons for pursuing our program
Minimum Requirements
no minimum GPA/test score requirement but it usually takes at least a 3.0 and 22 MCAT to be considered competitive
General or inorganic chemistry (8 SCH)
Biology (14 SCH)
Physics (8 SCH)
Organic chemistry (8 SCH)
English (6 SCH)
Calculus or statistics (3 SCH)

Students must complete their Bachelor's degree & med school/dental school/PA school prerequisites before starting our program
Online application
$40 application fee
Transcripts from all colleges attended
2 recommendation letters or 1 committee letter
Test score
MCAT (if pre-med)
DAT (if pre-dent)
GRE (if pre-PA)
For more information
visit the links below:

Curriculum & Program Successes: http://bit.ly/msmedsci
Estimated Cost of Attendance: http://bit.ly/medscicosts
Admissions: http://bit.ly/gsbsapp
The application closes after the deadline for updates and opens up again late fall. To receive updates on the application & upcoming events/deadlines submit our information request form: http://bit.ly/gsbsinfo
Email us at: GoToGradSchool@unthsc.edu
Application Requirements
Admissions Process
All application requirements must be submitted by the deadline in order to be considered for admission.
Applications are reviewed in the order that they are completed.
When an application is reviewed, the committee will decide to accept, deny admission or place the applicant on hold.
Those that are accepted/denied are notified right away. Those on hold do not receive any notification until a final decision is made.
January is the latest an applicant can take the MCAT and use that score for their application that same year

Med School
33% of applicants were admitted & enrolled
Average GPA - 3.71
Average MCAT - 30

Dental School
28% of applicants were admitted & enrolled
Average GPA - 3.61
Average DAT - 20

2013 Admission Stats
What is the
campus like?

is offered by the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences of the UNT Health Science Center, located in the
Cultural District of Fort Worth, TX.
In 2013,
students applied for medical school
were admitted & enrolled
Average GPA (applied): 3.55
Average GPA (enrolled): 3.71
Average MCAT (applied): 28.4
Average MCAT (enrolled): 30.3
of those enrolled had a GPA under 3.41
of those enrolled had an MCAT under 26
2013 TX Med School
Admissions Statistics

(click to play)
*Info from TMDSAS.com
The MS in Medical Sciences program...
includes a rigorous curriculum that
starts once a year in May
and ends the following May.
Museums, restaurants, shops, housing are all available with-in walking distance of our campus.
Downtown Fort Worth, hike & bike trails, the botanical gardens, Fort Worth zoo, and Stockyards are a few minutes drive away.
In addition to the
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
, the UNT Health Science Center includes the
Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
School of Public Health
School of Health Professions
and the
UNT System College of Pharmacy
(click to play)
MS in Medical Sciences students
MS in Medical Sciences
2014 Admission Stats
Average GPA: 3.34
Average MCAT: 27
Average DAT: 19
Average GRE: 305
MS in Medical Sciences graduates
70% of the 2014 graduates that applied to medical school received an admissions offer...
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