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Road To The President's Club...

No description

Jay Tristan

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Road To The President's Club...

- Two different ways to look at "timing."

- Being at the "right place at the right time"

- Planned timing (controlled by salesperson).
Key Points
- A salesperson must create a TOPS plan in order to build his/her database, build awareness of UniFirst name, establish relationship with prospects, and become familiar with the correct CXD's.

- A current database is crucial to success.

- Focus on making approx. 80 updates weekly.

- Contact all Prospects in your database before adding many new names via Sales Genie.
The Bucket Concept
Road To The President's Club...
UniFirst Sales is all about new account develpment, or prospecting!

Prospecting is a constant activity.

All salespeople must understand the reasons behind the need for regular high prospecting activity.

Salesperson's Internal Compass
- A Salesperson has to have a goal. This is especially important during the "hard work" phase (0 to 6 months of employment).

- As part of the initial stages of employment, a Salesperson should begin updating or creating Target Account Files for his/her "A" Prospects.

-While working large accounts, the Salesperson is to work "B" and "C" prospects each day.
Universal Principles
#1: Make a high number of calls to build or maintain a database.

#2: Sell one small account (C) per week, one medium size account (B) per month, and one large account (A) per quarter to achieve President's Club.

#3: Begin working Target Accounts with and through your Sales Manager upon employment.
Universal Principles
#4: Have an internal compass.

#5: It is the Location Manager's responsibility to ensure the location's market and database is worked and grown strategically. It is the Sales Manager's responsibility to ensure Salespeople work to keep their database current and have necessary Selling skills to work their database and set appointments.

Planned Timing
- Developing critical pre-call planning information, contract expiration dates (CXD), the names of key individuals (KI's), etc.

- Understanding "buy cycle/criteria" gives sales person a higher degree of "control."

- Veteran salespeople close 1 out of every 3 deals or greater because of more "control."
- Cold calling creates future opportunites.

- 15 Cold Calls on Friday
- 1 might go into the Sales bucket
- 1 a callback in the 3 mo. bucket
- 4 a callback in the 6 mo. bucket
- 1 in the 14 month bucket
- 4 in the 24 month bucket
- 2 in the 45 month bucket
- After 6-9 months of high prospecting activity, salespeople establish CXD's that will expire over forthcoming months.

- By entering these dates into the database, the salesperson can develop a strategy to be at the "right place at the right time."
AB&C Account Management
- A salesperson begins follow-up sales calls on "A" account Prospects to establish a sales relationship and build a rapport while selling "B" and "C" Prospects weekly.

- More sales are made during 6 and 12 months due to the salesperson's effort during 0-6+ months.

- Working through your Sales Manager is critical.
Building Relationships with Large Prospects
- Target "A" Accounts Selling requires more strategy and planning than typically do smaller Prospects.

- Getting "in the door to tell our story" will take a more focused process when selling a mix of large and small accounts.

-The more times a Salesperson can "touch" an "A" prospect, the greater the opportunity to build a workable relationship.
Target Account Focus Requires Planning
- In order to "stay on top" of target accounts, it is important to establish a program to be constantly vigilant.

- Our ultimate goal is for each Salesperson to be working 200 "A" Accounts, 300 "B" Accounts, and 500 "C" Accounts. Having at least 1,000 Prospects with follow-up dates.
1. Create a well-planned long-term program for Target Accounts Sales AS WELL AS a highly focused, action oriented program to achieve Sales weekly.

2. A Salesperson must begin working Target Accounts on the first day of employment.

3. Only locations that have Salespeople selling weekly and a large account quarterly or annually, represent the top performing locations.

4. Untimely Sales calls usually produce poor Sales results.

5. DO NOT ELEPHANT HUNT! Sell weekly with a balanced approached with a mix of accounts.
Database Updates & Cleanup
- We want Salespeople to focus on "A" & "B" accounts with "C" accounts as a weekly filler.

- Mix it up! Don't Elephant Hunt, don't only call "C" Accounts either.

- The number of dials will decrease as the months pass due to better information being available.
Territory Organization Planning System (TOPS)
1. Establish or review the TOPS plan for the territory and bring the current TOPS binder.

2. Determine the exact number of "A", "B", and "C" Prospects in your database per the Full Database Statistic bar.

3. Contact TeleResource if there is a need to seek advice for bringing the database "current" per the TOPS plan.
4. If there is a need for additional "A" and "B" prospects, then a plan needs to be established for building that segment of the database selected SIC or company size.

5. With all "A" Prospects, conduct an initial on-sight investigation. If there is a high number of "A's", perhaps a phone call would be the initial contact attempt.
6. In order to begin updating your database and avoid a number of $0 weeks before you make a sale, update 16 A's per week, 12 B's per week, filling in the remainder of the week with C appointments.

7. Personally contact each "A" Prospect 2 times a year via cold call or phone call and another 2 times per year with a mailer, seeding box, catalog, etc.
8. Contact every "B" Prospect 1 time a year personally via phone call or cold call, and 1 time a year via mailer, sampling, catalog, etx.

9. Work "C's" weekly and establish follow-up dates on all "C's" in order to have a base of 1,000 Prospects with follow-up dates. "C's" should be followed up when you have accurate information.

10. When possible, Location manger or Sales Manager is to attend all of the Target Account presentations - Team Selling.
Sales Manager's Responsibilities
1. Confirmed Salesperson has TOPS plan via their presentation during their NHST experience and all reports are current in their TOPS binder.

2. Ensure Salespeople contacted their respective "A" and "B" Prospects per above guidelines.
Sales Manager's Responsibilities
3. Ensure all "A" Prospects have an on-sight investigation, identify the DM(s), validate CXD and have a Target Account folder.

4. Attend 2 "A" appointments per week per Salesperson, Team Selling, whenever possible.
Sales Manager's Responsibilities
5. The Sales Manager is to make joint Sales calls, CNA's and Presentations, on ALL "A" Prospects of a new Salesperson. "New" meaning employed less than 4 months.

6. The Sales Manager is to review all "A" prospects weekly on the SLX120, SLX140, and pending accounts list.

7. TOPS plan is to be reviewed weekly during the Planning and Review session.
Recap of Important Info
1. Focus on "touches" when building a relationship with Prospects, especially large account Prospects.

2. In order to have 1,000 Prospects with follow-up dates ("A", "B", & "C"), some or all "C's" will need scheduled follow-up dates (minimum of one contact per year).

3. Initially, per their TOPS plan, each Salesperson is to Cold Call each "A" Prospect. Once a location has made their best effort at determining if a Salesperson has an appropriate number of "A's" and "B's" they can determine how many contacts will be needed to maintain the above suggested contact.
- Manage your database via your TOPS plan. Via a weekly Planning & Review, managers will be able to better assist you in achieving sales goals.

- Sales managers will focus on each Salesperson having a proper TOPS plan and sufficient Selling skills to "get in the door."
Sources for Building Your Territory Database
1. www.SalesGenie.com is a great place to add Prospects

2. Chamber of Commerce directories

3. Business directories

4. Search local newspapers for articles on major companies

5. City/town websites
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