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No description

Margot Boren

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Disney

Walt Disney
Governance and
Image by Tom Mooring
The Wonderful World of Disney
Foster innovation and utilize the latest technology
"It's my money. I'm going into business."
-Walt Disney
Board Of Directors

Chairman of the Board & CEO
3 Disney Board Committees
Governance & Nominating
According to the
CEO and Chairman...
Disney's Current Focus Is To:
1. Generate the best creative content possible
2. Foster innovation and utilize the latest technology
3. Expand into new markets around the world
Robert W. Matschullat, Chair
John S. Chen
Aylwin B. Lewis
Orin C. Smith

- Gray Advertising Company
- 1928 Walt Disney Studio
- December 1966, age 65
Purpose of Audit Committee is to assist the board in its oversight of:
the financial statements
legal and regulatory requirements
the company's independent auditors
the performance of the Company's independent auditors and of the Company's internal audit function
Representative of variety of cultures and nationalities
European (German)
Asian (China)
1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010
10 Members
3 Women
7 Men
Susan E. Arnold, Chair
Fred H. Langhammer
Monica C. Lozano
Aylwin B. Lewis
Determine and approve the compensation level
Make recommendations to the Board of Directors
Produce a report of the Committee
Creative Board Members
Co-founder of Twitter
Woman that launched Google.org (Google Philanthropy)
John S. Chen- Known for turning around failing companies (New CEO of Blackberry)

Governance & Nominating Committee
first stock
Generate the best creative content possible
Roy Disney
Passes Away
20th Century Fox
Paramount Pictures
Sony Pictures
Warner Bros
Universal Studios

Disney Channel
Jack Dorsey
Inventor & Computer Programmer
Co-Founder of Twitter
Founder and CEO of Square mobile payments
John S. Chen
Deep roots in technology (30+ years experience)
Fixed Skybase in the 90s
Started worth: $362 M
Acquired for $5.8 B by SAP
Blackberry's current CEO
COO of Facebook
Google: VP of Global Online Sales & Ops
Expand into new markets around the world
Hispanic market
Monica C. Lozano
Former CEO of Impremedia, LLC
Publisher of La Opinion
Fred H. Langhammer
Director of Central European Media Enterprises since 2009
John S. Chen
Chaired U.S.-China Policy Advisory Roundtable for the Center for Strategic and International Studies
President’s Export Council
Testified before congress on US -China trade relations
Chair of the Board of U.S. Hispanic Media, Inc.

Time Warner
Corporate Social Responsibility
“Our executives and business unit leaders are committed to embedding citizenship into the daily decisions and actions of employees. Our Citizenship Council includes executives who represent each of our business units and critical corporate functions such as brand management, public policy, and human resources. The Council’s objectives are to align Disney around common citizenship priorities and leverage resources across the enterprise.”
Standing Out
: named a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility

: Jane Goodall Global Leadership Award
Environmental Education
Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund helped with over $20M
DisneyNature films
Planted 3,000,000 trees in Brazil
Protected 40,000 acres of coral reef in Bahamas
Conserved 50,000 acres of savanna wildlife in Africa
Disney Citizenship
Orin C. Smith, Chair Jack Dorsey
Robert W. Matschullat
Sheryl Sandberg

Monitor the Company’s Corporate Governance Guidelines
Prepare and supervise Board’s annual reviews

Compensation Committee
Defines position and responsibilities of position
Assesses experience and talent
Determines competitive market value of position
Evaluates importance of retaining employee
Considers CEO's input re: sales
Outside consultant that attends the meetings
Competitive Performance
Design executive compensation program and contractual compensation agreements
Compensation programs are designed to offer employee agreements
CEO Robert Iger
Success Reflected in Chairman/CEO Total Compensation Package
Company's executive compensation structure is based on "pay for performance"
Shareholder value and long term company success closely tied to compensation structure
Overall structure based on obtaining financial objectives, hiring and retaining top executives
Is It Disney?
Royal Caribbean International
Theme Parks
Six Flags
Busch Gardens
Inside Disney
- Walt Disney
- History
- Board of Directors
- Committees
- Compensation
- Governance
- Corporate Social Responsibility
- Competitors
- Summary
-CEO Robert Iger
Kelsey Johns
Jane White
Jennie Li
Kristen Baratta
What was Walt Disney's first Job?
A) Newspaper boy
B) Milk man
C) Grocery Stock boy

Ryan Glynn
Stephanie Keller
What was Disney's first full-length feature film?

A) Sleeping Beauty
B) Pinocchio
C) Snow White

Who said it?
"In every job, there is an element of fun!"

A) Snow White
B) Mary Poppins
C) Mike Wazowski
Former CEO of Estee Lauder Companies Inc.
Former President
Former President of Operations in Japan
Former Director of Operations in Germany
European Market & Japan

A) Wall-E & Eve
B) Wall-E & Anna
C) Wall-E & Iza
Who is this?
Margot Boren
What song is this from?
"But I know every rock and tree and creature
Has a life, has a spirit, has a name"

A) Just Around the River Bend
B) Colors of the Wind
C) The Earth Around Us
How many cruise ships does Disney own?

A) 10
B) 16
C) 4

Sheryl Sandberg

Elements relate to
Macro Economic Environment
Disney’s Organizational Structure:
Product Division Structure
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