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Selective Breeding and Genetic Engineering

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Jeffrey Mann

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Selective Breeding and Genetic Engineering

Genetics IV: Selective Breeding and
Genetic Engineering Selective Breeding Selective Breeding:
Advantages and Disadvantages 4. Some ADVANTAGES of SELECTIVE BREEDING are:
MIGHT get desirable traits, No special equipment needed, and it can be done easily by breeders and farmers. Genetic Engineering 6. GENETIC ENGINEERING is the process of TAKING GENES from one organism and INSERTING them into the GENOME of another organism. Writing Assignment From this presentation and the reading you are about to receive. You will write a paragraph on what you think about GENETIC ENGINEERING. 1. SELECTIVE BREEDING is the process of crossing two organisms OF THE SAME SPECIES in the hope of getting the best qualities of BOTH. 2. Humans have been SELECTIVELY BREEDING for thousands of years. 3. Almost all of the plants and animals that humans use, have as pets, or eat have been selectively bred to BETTER MEET HUMAN NEEDS 5. Some DISADVANTAGES of SELECTIVE BREEDING are:
Selective breeding takes a long time, and there are limits to the traits that can be altered. 7. Humans have using GENETIC ENGINEERING for a short time. First genetically modified bacteria 1973 First genetically modified mouse 1974 First genetically modified food USA 1994 First genetically modified pet 2003 9. Some ADVANTAGES of GENETIC ENGINEERING are:
WILL get improved organisms, can CREATE organisms with traits thought impossible, and can REMOVE harmful genes 8. GENETIC ENGINEERING produces organisms with a trait that they would be unlikely to happen naturally. Genetic Engineering:
Advantages and Disadvantages 10. Some DISADVANTAGES of GENETIC ENGINEERING are:
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT and TRAINING is needed and it is very expensive. 11. Some people are concerned with the ethics of GENETIC ENGINEERING because the LONG-TERM effects on ORGANISMS and the ENVIRONMENT are unknown.
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