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Bartolomeu Dias

No description

Federico Dibueno

on 10 July 2013

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Transcript of Bartolomeu Dias

He was born in 1451. He was a nobleman of the portuguese. No one knows where he was born, but what they did know that he was a portuguese explorer. He died in 1500.
He sailed round the southern tip of Africa
in 1488 being the first european man to do so.
Where he sailed
More about the sail
More about him
He was married and had two children. Simão Dias de Novais who died unmarried and without issue António Dias de Novais who was a knight of the order of christ, married to Joana Fernandes, daughter of Fernão Pires and wife Guiomar Montês.
BY: Juan Ignacio, Federico, Martin,
Ivan and Alfonso

Dias' ship was piloted by Pêro de Alenquer. A second caravel, the São Pantaleão, was commanded by João Infante and piloted by Álvaro Martins. Dias' brother Pêro Dias was the captain of the square-rigged support ship with João de Santiago as pilot.

The expedition sailed south along the West coast of Africa.

The discovery of the passage around southern Africa was significant because, for the first time, Europeans realized they could trade directly with India and the other parts of Asia.

Bartolomeu Dias originally named the Cape of Good Hope the "Cape of Storms" . It was later renamed the Cape of Good Hope because it represented the opening of a route to the east.
Thanks for watching
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