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Danielle Barbuto

No description

Trisha Madden

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Danielle Barbuto

From a Single Mother to a Successful Student
Admired Quotes
"If you have one thing out of place, it can end up like a game of Jenga, pull one block out and everything will collide and crash." (page 92)
"If you don't make time for yourself,you can become resentful and depressed, and those two things do not help motherhood or with learning."(page 94)
"But I decided to take the word perfect out of my vocabulary, no one is perfect!"(page 94)
"I have discovered that I cannot stress myself out about it not happening as quickly as I would like because everything will fall into place."(page 95)
Three Main Points
You have to make sure you are organized
Make time for yourself
Do not over do it
1.) Please write down negative thoughts and feeling that may be bothering you on a small strip of paper.
2.) Next put it in your balloon and blow it up half way.
3.) Name your balloon, draw a face on it, if you want.
4.) Pop it! Only use hand and feet.
Noise for the Background

Danielle Barbuto
Danielle is pursuing a career in criminal justice as soon as she earns her associates degree. Along with college she is a mother of a two year old boy and quickly has to figure out how to juggle it all.
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