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Tv Crime Drama

No description

Katie Payne

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Tv Crime Drama

Ripper Street
TV Crime Shows
Case Study
Inspector Edmund Reid
Carrying on the representation.
Todorovs theory
Ripper Street is a new crime show drama aired on BBC 1 every Sunday night at 9pm.
It’s set in East End of London in 1889 after the Jack the Ripper murders so includes facts and fiction.
The viewing numbers for the first show was 7.89 million!
Characters -
Inspector Edmund Reid - Matthew Macfadyen
Long Susan (hart) - MyAnna Buring
Rose - Charlene McKenna
Captain Homer Jackson - Adam Rothenberg
Sergeant Bennet Drake - Jerome Flynn
I enjoy watching crime show dramas as they are generally more fictional than other dramas , they include mystery and makes you think about it. They grip the audience with the story lines and the unique characters
Inspector Edmund Reid
Is a London town police inspector, the character is damaged by the fact he couldn't figure out the ripper murders and still polices the streets of the murders two years after.
He dresses smartly because of his profession and because hes fairly uptight. His facial expression rarely changes because of his past, he focuses his dark trouble eyes onto the audience in the picture above connoting mystery. He's stood upright and has his hands in his pockets as if he was in deep thought about something, his past? or the case he has to solve?
Continuing to look at the picture above I can tell that hes takes pride in the way he looks because of the little details, the tie pin, pocket watch chain and the top hat , I know from my history lessons that Victorians prided themselves on the tallness of the hats and Inspector Edmund Reid has a reasonably high top hat connoting profession.
What makes a crime drama
I enjoy watching crime show drama as they are generally more fictional than other dramas, they include mystery and makes the viewer engage in the program and makes them think about possible solutions to the crime.They grip the audience with the story lines and unique characters
Almost all films and tv dramas are based on the structure of Todorovs theory.
Which is peace , then the auidence finds out a problem the characters find out the problem, then the solve the problem and then back to peace
Ripper Street was released on DVD 18/03/13
Reviews -
Gripping and grisly” THE SUN

“A dark, bloody and twisted series, unlike anything else on British TV” DAILY MAIL

“Beautifully performed, and beautiful to look at – stylish, and stylized” THE GUARDIAN
The Victorians were no slouches at forging a new frontier themselves but amid all the starch and bustle of period TV dramas one can garner the impression that these great inventors hid their light under a bushel. Come to think of it, what was more likely to be under a Victorian bushel, or a bush, was a body that had been disembowelled.

The era of grimy cobbled streets, Dickensian workhouses and brutal murders carried out by some scary chap seem to have a particular hold on us.

Not that I am complaining. I like a grisly murder case as much as the next man, especially if it involves the rescue of a damsel in distress by a handsome but troubled fellow with a fine pair of mutton chops and coke hat to match.

Hanging on the frock coat-tails of the most infamous episode of Victorian butchery was Ripper Street (BBC One), a police drama set in 1889 in Whitechapel, in the East End of London. Episode eight, the last in the series, found Det Insp Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen) and his team, Det Sergeant Bennet Drake (Jerome Flynn) and Capt Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenburg), at a low ebb. Well, certainly low for Capt Jackson, who was incarcerated by a vindictive Chief Insp Fred Abberline (Clive Russell) as the main suspect for the murder of a prostitute.

But you know the way these things work and it was not too long before he was presented with a chance to prove his innocence and show that he was a good guy after all.
By Philip Reynolds
Review of the last episode
Overall, Ripper Street got a somewhat higher share of people over 45 than usual for its BBC1 timeslot, and lower share of children and young adults. Nor were the over 65’s quite so keen, though the TVR measure tells that nearly one in 5 of all older adults watched the show. Most of the time the measures in the three columns confirm the same message. So, as a basic approach, just look along the columns to see the pattern. (We may look at rarer cases where this does not happen another time.)
The style of ripper street is completely unique to many other modern day crime dramas because of date its set;1889 (17th century)
I can tell that this crime drama is high production value because of the detailed costumes and extra items that have been added to every scene to give it a really victorian feel.
Ripper street is really grim and dark to represent the hardship of living in London east end during the victorian period. When watching this i felt as if i was there watching the events unfold
The theme of ripper street is order vs disorder but also follows the relationship of the decetives and problems they face in their personal lives. In every crime drama their personal life effects there work and they every other crime drama Ripper Street runs along the same theme.
The genre of the crime drama is police decetives and historical costume drama. Also there are some medical forensics but not the clean cut lab forensics, its the traditional, old gritty style.
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