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Irish Elk

No description

roxy bieber

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Irish Elk

Irish Elk what is an Irish Elk? The Irish Elk also know as the giant deer is the largest deer that lived on earth but unfortunately it's extinct. where was it found? The Irish Elk was found in Ireland and they were sent to the east of lake Baikal during the late Pleistocene.The lake Baikal also happens to be the oldest lake on earth as well as the deepest. Most skeletons have been found in Irish bogs, the animal was not exclusively Irish and was not closely related to either of the living species currently called elk. when was it found? The Irish Elk appeared on Earth 400,000 years ago. That's a long time ago Size The Irish elk was about 6 feet tall and had very widespread antlers.

The animal's antlers extended to about 12 feet in length from one tip to the other. The Irish Elk was about 6 feet tall. The antlers itself weighed about 40 kg. By : Roxy Ghalandari Ahhh.... Wow... OMG... Antlers These antlers served as weapons for fighting against other competing males and predators. WOW... The First Theory The antlers began to grow disproportionately larger than the size of the head and neck. Which made it harder for the animal to carry its own weight and eventually led to its extinction. The Second Theory It is believed that these animals needed high amounts of calcium and phosphate compounds in order to have healthy antlers. They would receive this nourishment from vegetation. Theories of Extinction The Third Theory The Fourth Theory States that humans may have been responsible for the extinction of the Irish elk. The reason being that humans had begun hunting the elk for meat, skin and bones for making weapons, tools and support frames for building shelter. Perhaps the breeding of these animals, was slower than the rate at which they were being hunted. When humans wanted to make shelters for them self's,they made it were the Irish Elks lived.the irish elks didn't have any shelters so that's why they got extinct. The Fifth Theory The Sixth Theory Thank The Irish Elks couldn't live in the climate that the forests had. Finally it shrank in size through the years and can now be seen as either the common deer or more likely the present moose. you for watching scientist think that the Irish Elk was extinct in the recent ice age. However of the Irish Elk uncovered in Siberia have been dated to approximately 7,000–8,000 years ago. When was it extincted? http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/294074/Irish-elk http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_Elk http://www.buzzle.com/articles/irish-elk-facts.html Bibliography This is a cave painting picture!!
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