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Investment opportunities in Montenegro 2015

Montenegro is fabulous! This amazingly small country offers a stunning array of sensations, colours, scenery and wonders of nature, cultures and talent.

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Transcript of Investment opportunities in Montenegro 2015

Ministry of Sustainable Development
and Tourism of Montenegro

Montenegro is fabulous! This amazingly small country offers a stunning array of sensations, colours, scenery and wonders of nature,
cultures and talent

Montenegro is situated in the heart of Europe, on the Mediterranean.
It is a small country with an area
of 13,820 km2
and a population
of 620,029 residents
The greatest wealth of Montenegro are its 
warmth, hospitality, coexistence
Montenegro is one of the safest countries in Europe
Montenegro is a country of healthy lifestyle and people, the land of talents in arts and sports
Tivat Airport
Ferry and hydroplanes
Podgorica Airport
Ferry and hydroplanes
Open market
Political stability
EU candidate country
On its way to NATO
EURO as currency, a Guarantee of Quality
Standard rate VAT
Reduced rate VAT
Corporate income tax
Real estate transfer tax


Privatized banking system
Excellent telecom infrastructure
Investor-friendly public administration
World Travel &Tourism Council is ranking Montenegro among 184
countries in which tourism is priority industry, at the following positions:
GDP: Direct contribution of Travel & Tourism – 9.8% of the total GDP in 2013, growing at an average annual rate of 8.6%, with an estimated share of 17.7% in 2024

Employment: Direct contribution of Travel & Tourism – 8.8% of total employment in 2013, growing at an average annual rate of 5.9%, with an estimated share of 16.1% in 2024

Investment: Travel & Tourism Investment - 28% of total investments in 2013, growing at an average annual rate of 8.7%, with an estimated share of 52.3% in 2024.
according to absolute size
according to contribution to national economy
according to forecast of speed
of growth in 2014 and
according to long-term growth forecast.
Foreign investors are granted national treatment in Montenegro (same as for domestic investors)

Foreign investors may, independently or with a domestic investor, set up a company or unit of a foreign company, acquire stakes or shares in a company or buy a company

Foreign investors define their investment programs through Long-term lease agreements, Concession agreements, Franchise agreements, Real estate purchase agreements etc., in accordance with relevant legislation

Foreign investors may invest in any industry and transfer their financial and other assets, including profit and dividends, after all contractual obligations have been done

2000 - € 10 MILLION
2009 - € 1.2 BILLION
2007-2014 - € 4.8 BILLION
Major Investors
in Montenegro in 2014
by Countries
Sveti Stefan
€52 million
Investment so far:
Greece and Singapore
Even during the former Yugoslavia it was a symbol of tourism

Long Term tenant is the worldwide brand

Featured on the cover of
National Geographic Traveler
“50 places of a lifetime”
€400 million
Planned investment:
Peter Munk, PM Securities, Canada and the U.S
Mega-yacht marina 
(former military complex)
Year round destination with vibrant international community
Local and established fashion hospitality and design brands
Currently 400 berths for yachts, 850 planned at project completion
Regent Hotel
and luxury apartments
Luštica Bay
€1.2 billion
Orascom, Egypt and Switzerland
The largest investment
Mixed use new resort
8 hotels, golf course, 
two marinas, city center
Unique blend of local heritage and untouched nature, eco-friendly architecture and world class facilities
Chosen location for the country’s first 18-hole golf course
€500 million
SOCAR, Azerbaijan
Former military complex in Herceg Novi, 90 years
Project to be completed by 2017
150 luxurious guest rooms and villas and 550 luxury apartments
World-class Marina (250 berths), tennis academy, health spa - wellness (Chenot)
A total of 876 beds in luxury rooms
First One&Only resort in Europe

Punta Mimosa
€400 million
Atlas Group
Hotels/condo hotels (534 beds total)
Apartments & luxury villas (total of 620 units)
Retail zone (16.880 m2 total)
Restored cultural heritage of Austro-Hungarian period
Mixed use contents of cuture, hospitality, fun & etc.
Marina (up to 150 berths)
Total project GDCA (above ground) 160.000 m2
Lungomare, pedestrian and bicycle tracks
Beach with additional facilities
Sport & recreation, landscaped greenery & park
€15 million
Orascom, Egypt and Switzerland
Redevelopment of the Mamula Fortress by preserving the cultural heritage and promoting the historic character of the island and in doing so creating a flagship destination for Kotor Bay as the First and Only Island/Spa/leisure Hotel in Montenegro;
The project will preserve the natural environment and historical environment but will combine it with modern hotel facilities, food and beverage outlets, sports and entertainment that will cater to different clientele;
Queen's beach
€200 million
Royal Group, UAE
Between Bar/Budva
5-star boutique hotel with international hotel management
100 rooms and 30 spa villas, 200 residential villas
Hotel Hilton
€44 million
Normal Company, Montenegro
5 star hotel with 197 rooms, 23 suites with a lounge bar, a presidential suite in addition to 
9 conference rooms, a restaurant, bar, wellness center, fitness and spa with an indoor swimming pool, VIP spa, underground garage
Current projects
International Press Clippings 2014/2015
Montenegro’s coastline, i.e. the South is on a stable upward trend in economic growth.

The country is now opening the door to the vast opportunities in the North – the landscapes of staggering beauty with huge potential through all seasons of the year.     
Montenegro is European News of the Day
in the world of real estate investments.
Mixed-use resorts and branded hotel operators of top international reputation and standard are a guarantee of proper valorization
of the country splendors

€ 100 million
Planned investments in the ski slopes and ski lifts during the 10 year period
Investments in infrastructure to connect the north and south of the country
Planned Bar – Boljari highway will connect north and south - benefits for citizens and for tourism

to modernize outdated facilities
to create and upgrade quality
to bring the best brands and standards
Our policy has recognized the direct effects of the construction of hotels
Our policy has recognized the importance of the construction of golf courses
Montenegro is too small to put quantity before quality

Essentially the only viable option 
for Montenegro
Each m² should be planned, designed, 
constructed by respecting high standards 
of sustainability and the quality of context
The incredible potential 
of the north is still undiscovered

National parks, mountains, pristine nature, rivers, lakes

Hard to tell whether more enchanting in the winter or in the summer
Savin kuk
Savin kuk
International tender for the valuation of Savin kuk will be announced soon

Planned activities: International tender for Savin kuk Adoption SPSP “Durmitor area", detailed study of the location

One possibility is the evaluation through public-private partnerships, and there is interest from a number of reputable investors

Bjelasica i Komovi
and Komovi
800.000.000 €
to 1bn €
Value of investments in a mountain resort
Special purpose spatial plan adopted 2010
Plan envisions 8 mountain resorts
Kolašin 1600
Kolašin 1600
Accommodation capacities

(gross building area):

41.092 m2
Single-family accommodation units 7.873 m2
Kolašin lies in the 
upper and middle water courses of the rivers Tara and 
12,000 residents.

Kolašin 1600 is located in the south part of the Bjelasica; surface amounts to 27.19 ha.
Access to the base settlement is organised from the direction existing ski resorts Kolašin 1450 and from the direction of the road Lubnice-Berane.

The ski resort base settlement consists of the zone with facilities of the Central settlement with hotels, apartments, reception and public facilities, the zone of independent groups with single-family accommodation units and the area for the starting point of ski lifts.
The main ski lift of ski resort Kolašin 1600 is ski lift K8/D6C.

The other ski lifts represent a connection between the two complementary ski resorts Kolašin 1450 and Kolašin 1600.

65 - 75 million €
Investment value:
special interests, winter mountain vacation, summer vacation in the mountains

Invest because of:
all year-round tourism destination, diversification of the tourism offer, affordable real-estate prices, incentives, inexpensive construction, large natural potentials

The basic uses of space are:
tourism, hospitality and commercial facilities, transport areas (service and pedestrian communications), developed green areas

Savin kuk
Ski center, 21,254 m2

Existing building facilities: 
restaurant, ski, utility boxes, 
ski lifts, substations and other
81.234.088 €
Investment planned
Located at 1456 m above sea level, in the most attractive area of ​​the national park "Durmitor"
Public-private partnership-long term lease; 
surface 13,951 m2
Construction of new tourist settlement, demolition of existing
Value of land lease for a minimum of 31 years is
€ 432.481 and a maximum of 90 years tenure
€ 1.255.590.

Tender in progress
Complex military 
facilities in Žabljak
Velika plaža
and Ada Bojana

1,800 hectares on the coast
15km-long sandy beach
The concept of a long-term lease (90 years)
5km away from center of Igalo, land of 30,597 m² and water space 
of 17,313 m²

Planned for marina, hotel, 5000 m² beach

Public – private partnership - long term lease
- Lesendro
13,132 m² relies on main traffic routes (railroad from Belgrade-Bar and the corridor of the road Podgorica-Petrovac and Podgorica- Sozina-Bar)
Planned Eco-lodge tourist resort with 30 objects servicing visitors to the resort with a maximum capacity of 61 beds
Public – private partnership, long term lease
Value of investments on the basis of the complex Eco-lodge with additional facilities is estimated at 
€ 2.157.488

Tender in progress
Tenders and concepts

Port of Bar - High-quality connections with the hinterland, system of Free zone regime, access to markets of Balkans and Central Europe, flexible legislation and simplicity of business procedures

Hydro Planes – connecting Montenegro with all the rest water destinations , easy accessible , low impact on the environment

Airport Tivat - connected with 31 destinations in 14 different coutries (10 airplane companies)

Airport Podgorica – connected with 31 destinations in 13 different coutries ( 24 airplanes companies)

International airports Dubrovnik (HR) 40km and Tirana (AL) 137km
The new luxury destination
…our potentials are being discovered by hi-end international luxury brands
Cannes, France
March 2015

Beyond Horizon
€350 million
Qatari Diar, Qatar
Qatari Diar is overseeing a leisure development that will go on to grace the city’s horizon with astonishing luminescence.

The leisure development of Beyond Horizon will feature a five-star hotel; complete with world-class amenities, spanning 34,000 sqm in total.
Fiscal and other incentives
VAT of 0%
for all products and services delivered for Construction
and equipping of
5+ star hotels

Real estate tax is reduced 30-70%
for hospitality facilities of a
4+ category
operating during the all year.

Temporary residence permit for dispose of the right to real estate owned by a foreigner in Montenegro
may be issued to a foreigner who meets the requirements of Article 42 of this Law, where the real estate certificate or other evidence in accordance with the law governing the real estate cadastre is submitted as an evidence
Montrose Montenegro
€210 million
Northstar (W. Europe, Middle East)
53 hectare resort at the entrance to one of he most beautiful bays in the world;
The project will start in autumn of 2015
5 star branded hotel and residences
World-class conference facilities, a yacht club, marina, private beach and The Gardens of Montrose
19.5 million €
State investment in infrastructure including new ski lift and 4km of ski trails
Russian Federation
United Kingdom
Virgin Islands (GBR)
United Arab Emirates
Other Countries
Total inflow of FDI in Montenegro in 2014:
€ 498,084,000
Source: Central Bank of Montenegro
Will open up for the new investments opportunities in the north
164 km long, with an estimated cost of around 2 billion euros
With 50 tunnels and 95 bridges and viaducts - an engineering challenge
Building of the first section of highway (41 km) will start at the end of this month (costs 810 euro)

€ 122,662.89
€ 55,734.96
€ 51,387.29
€ 40,649.75
€ 30,902.07
€ 22,589.17
€ 22,150.58
€ 15,248.23
€ 14,316.91
€ 13,152.06
€ 11,831.99
€ 9,637.98
€ 9,476.91
€ 79,343.05
justifying the request thus confirming the ownership of real estate.

The permit referred to this Article shall be issued for a period of one year.
Foreigners residing in Montenegro will be issued a single license for a temporary stay and work, in the form of ID card with biometric data, which will serve them for proof of legal residence, the right to work and as an identification document.
Expected hotel operator:
Montenegro is a unique destination on beautiful and diverse territory

- Montenegro offers a number of incentives and programs in the tourism industry with the aim of attracting investments in hotels (10 year return of investment)
High-end Tourism Destination
Accessibility – additional incentives for introducing new destinations and air flight, reconstruction of the international Airport Tivat (construction of the water terminal)

Attractiveness – introduction of tourism zones in the North, stimulating tax policy (reduced rate of 7% for accommodation), for services the standard VAT rate of 19% is applied (amendments on reducing the rate are in the process)

Transportation– defining the locations for hydro-plane landing and heliports
High-end Tourism Destination
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