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Welcome to Crooked River Elementary School

No description

Joan Smith

on 17 May 2017

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Transcript of Welcome to Crooked River Elementary School

There are a few things you should know...
This presentation will explain what we expect on the bus, in the cafeteria, in the restroom, and on the playground.
What We Expect on the Bus
If you ride the bus there are a few rules to keep you safe.
Click the play arrow to watch this video about behavior on the bus.
The Dolphin Cafe
Watch this video so you'll know exactly what to do!
Now let's talk about the restroom.
Please click the play arrow to watch this video on expectations for the restroom.
We all have fun if we follow these rules.
Again, welcome to CRES! We hope you have a fabulous year!
Welcome to Crooked River Elementary School
We're glad you're here!
This way to PBIS

Crooked River is a great place and you will love it here, especially if you follow a few simple rules.
Let's start with the bus.
Please click the play arrow.
Everybody likes the playground right?
Click the play arrow to watch this video about expectations for the playground.
Look for posters like this around the school. They will be in the hallways, your classroom and just about everywhere you go to keep you on track for a great school year!
PBIS = Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies
Let's start with the BIG THREE!
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Ready
You will see and hear these words throughout Crooked River. It will be on posters in the hallways and in your classroom. You will also hear your teachers say these words. We want you to be respectful, responsible and ready for anything! Here's what we mean.
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