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Beyond Humanity

Discusses the challenges and unique considerations that come with being otherkin and therian, from non-standard subtle bodies, to managing shifts and instincts, to functioning and finding a place in human society, and more.

Dani Meir

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Beyond Humanity

Beyond Humanity
Someone who identifies, in some way, as something other than human.
Therianthrope (therian):
Someone who identifies, in some way, as a non-human animal.

"A map is not the territory it represents, but, if correct, it has a similar structure to the territory, which accounts for its usefulness."
- Alfred Korzybski

"All models are wrong, but some are useful."
- George E. P. Box
: A temporary change in the prominence of non-human attributes.
Phantom Limbs
: The experience of having limbs that aren't physically extant.

Pick an animal species that you're familiar with but don't necessarily identify as. Walk around the room as 100% human... 50% animal... 80% animal... 25% animal...
Coping and Responsibility
Building awareness
Recognition of patterns/triggers
Balance and expression.
Suppression erodes control.
Grounding techniques
Shifting towards human
Discussion, Questions, and Resources
Ask away!
Intrusive Memories
Dreams and nightmares
Waking intrusive memories
Past-life split (multiplicity)
Triggers and trauma

Coping, Management, and Integration
of otherkin and therianthropy
Intrusive shifts
Intensity of shifts
Intensity of phantom limbs
: Not all otherkin or therians experience shifts, phantom limbs, or dysphoria.
Being otherkin is not an excuse for harmful behavior!
Common origin theory for many otherkin
Comes with its own set of complications
Even this-life memories are incredibly unreliable. Don't believe every "memory" you have.
Not all otherkin identify as sourced from reincarnation!
A longing ache for the world or time or culture that was once home (or "Home").

Symptoms: Culture shock, misanthropy

Finding home away from home
Past Life Ties
Symptoms of a past-life tie: Recognition, connection
Confirmation and contamination
Baggage and enmeshment
Coping and management
confuse a past-life tie for a soulmate!
Kin with Coding
: Otherkin who are "hardwired" to a particular purpose or role, and repeat that role throughout each lifetime.

Repeating patterns
Nature seeking nurture
Coping, management, and growth within a fixed role

Cautionary note: Pitfalls, distortions, and "ooh shiny"
This is
an excuse for dysfunctional or harmful behavior!
Energetic Variations and Complications
Interfacing issues (size, limbs)
Frequency issues (too high, too low)
Pathway and energy center (chakra) variations
Energetic surplus: Symptoms, causes, management
Energetic deficit: Symptoms, causes, management
Styles of energy work, reiki, etc

: In groups, look at different types of otherkin and therians. Physicality, aura, subtle body, general impressions.
Resources and Further Reading:
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