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The Changing Personal Space

No description

Emily Lawson

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of The Changing Personal Space

The Changing Personal Space
Sight and Space
Strategy - 'A place of one's own power and will... an effort to delimit one's own place in the world bewitched by the invisible power of others'. (De Certeau 1984, p.35).
This is also a mastery of places through sight: Seeing the Whole where they eye can transform foreign forces into objects that can be observed, measured and controlled.
Power of Knowledge- the power to provide oneself with one's own space
I have the power to create my own

How then have glasses impacted my personal identity?
How can glasses so significantly impact the way I interact in my personal space?
How have glasses affected my interaction with my 'own space'. Those places where I can combine strategy and tactics to immerse myself within my own space?

Identity and Space
Cultural Studies - personal identity, individual identity and group identity.
Space is CULTURALLY PRODUCED, active and impacted upon.
Michel de Certeau - 'the practice of space' and the different ways to interpret the world and create meaning and context in our lives.
Tweed City
Before Glasses
After Glasses
Tactical Place
This Space
My Space - Cabarita Headland
Do my own interactions with space conform to a specific habitus; influenced by time, place, gender, education, values, society and culture of everyday life? (Bourdieu 1984)
The unconscious sense of 'finding one's place in the world'.
The construction of identity within a space.
How has this changed?
Class activity - a social cultural experiment.
Try to find someone you've never formally introduced yourself to in the classroom. DON'T Introduce yourself now! But sit next to each other and let's try something ... different :-)
Space, Place and Glasses
Before Glasses
After Glasses
Strategic Place - the building of a 'field'; the classroom.
Bourdieu, Pierre 2005, ‘Habitus ,’ in Jean Hillier & Emma Rooksby (eds),
Habitus: A Sense of Place, 2nd edn, Aldershot, Ashgate, pp. 43–49.

de Certeau, Michel 1984, The Practice of Everyday Life. Trans. SP Randall, Berkeley, U of California P, pp. 35–39.

My Space Place and Glasses
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