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Resume Writing - Take 2


Ronni Handley

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Resume Writing - Take 2

resume templates Ronni L. Handley, CAP-OM
Sr. Executive Assistant to CEO
OPTi Inc.
Communications – Fall 2012 Let Your Resume
Shine The Spotlight On You! Introduction What Your Resume Says About You
What Recruiters And Hiring Managers Want
Anatomy Of A Resume
Cover Letters – How They Are Used Today
Formats And Styles
Homework Agenda THE JOB SEARCH IN TODAY’S MARKET! GOT A RESUME? What is the Purpose of a
Resume? It Is Your Calling Card
It Is Your Billboard
It Creates The First Impression
It Communicates Who You Are
It Tells What You Bring To The Table What Your Resume Says About You Source: My Chau Matrick, Administrative Recruiter, Cisco Systems Past Level Of Experience
Specific Examples And Quantifiers
Key Words
Matched to the job
Be able to speak to it
What is hip today What Recruiters and Hiring Managers Want Customer Service Skills
Wear Many Hats
Can-Do Attitude
Business Culture Fit Source: Mary Anne Daniels, Independent Recruiter ... what else? Review a job posting for an Executive Assistant and identify
all the skills required for this position, both stated and implied. EXERCISE:
Talent Search Resume Building Anatomy Of A Resume Name
Address - ?
Phone Number
Email Address
Web Address
Alternate Means Of Contact Contact Information Breaking It Down into
Key Elements Introduction or Objective Statement Differentiate Yourself To Get Noticed
Introduces You
Qualify YOU for the position
What’s In It For The Hiring Manager?
First Impressions
“At A Glance” Picture Of What You Have That Meets Their Needs Objective: To obtain a challenging administrative position with a leading technology company in which I can combine my flexibility, excellent people and communication skills and problem solving abilities to help the company be successful OBJECTIVE Statement Focuses on What You Want Achievement-oriented administrative professional with over 8 years experience providing high-level executive support with an expertise in project and event coordination, process improvements, department budgeting, records and client management, and excellent customer service INTRODUCTION Statement Focuses on how YOU Would Fit in an Advertised Position
Use To Stand Out:
Soft Skills
Technical Skills
Computer Skills
Functional Skills Skills Summary
Summary of Qualifications Profile or
Area Of Expertise ...here's where you decide ... Company or Organization
Location (City and State)
Position Title
Dates of Employment
Achievements Associated with Tasks or Job Duties
Show Action and Results
Experience and/or Work History How Much To Say
Show Degrees, Dates, Major, Honors
Persuades Employers Your Educational Background Is Relevant To The Job, Providing Evidence Of Your Qualifications Education Activities, Awards and Honors
Professional Affiliations
Include Title or Position
Volunteer Work – Dates of Involvement Professional Affiliations
Awards Focus On The Job Description
Use Specific Key Words And Terminology
Soft Skills And Key Words
Teamwork, Proactive, Directs
Takes Initiative, Self Starter, Analyzes
Flexibility, Multi-Tasking, Coordinates
Detail Oriented, Self Motivated, Conducts
Implements, Reconciles, Arranges What Every Resume Needs Line Up Accomplishments And Results
Show Positive Career Movement
Highlight Awards And Recognition
Distinguish Yourself

What Are Your “AH HA” Moments? Let Your Resume….Step Into the Spotlight! “Partnered with Operations to identify and reduce Global IT assets resulting in a cost savings of approximately half a million dollars per year.”

“Helped a prospective student who was a relocated Katrina victim.”

“Recipient of Company Founders Award, 2003-2005”

“Increased the productivity of the Panel Management Group by 50% by streamlining processes and improving training.”

“Decreased customer complaints regarding incorrect license keys by 25%.”

“Led global admin team to define and develop worldwide division recognition award process.”

“Served as liaison to acquiring company during divestiture of a business unit, providing timely communications and transitional support to affected employees.”

“Completed 12-month administrative training program in 3 months, resulting in a promotion.” Real World “AH HA’s” Is It Important?
Is It Relevant?
Can You Speak To It?
Conveys Action?
Accomplishments And Results? More or Less?
Yes or No? What Not To Say!
TMI? Trapped? Avoid Setting Traps in your Resume
Can You Speak to Each Point?
Don’t Share Your Life’s History
Let The Recruiter Or Hiring Manager Ask The Questions Line Up Accomplishments And Results
Show Positive Career Movement
Highlight Awards And Recognition
Distinguish Yourself

What Are Your “AH HA” Moments? Let Your Resume
Step Into the Spotlight! EXERCISE:
Your Ah Ha Moments!! Discover Your Own“AHA!” Moments
Greatest Career Accomplishment
When You Were A Hero
When You Won An Award
When You Made A Difference
When You Were Really Proud tips and tricks No More than Two Pages
Consistency In Format, Style, Font
Chronological, Following A Logical Progression
Spell-check, Proofread, Double-Check
Examples And Template Formats And Styles What was your impression? EXERCISE:
Time To Shine! Review the EA job posting and the skills assessment and write your own 30-60 second commercial. Distinguish yourself and answer why “you are the best candidate for this job.” Let's have some fun Homework Update Your Resume
Attach your old resume and the updated resume to aea.ucsc@gmail.com and ronni.handley@gmail.com

Optional Cover Letter – 5 Extra Credit Points
Using the EA job posting we reviewed in class, write a cover letter answering: “Why I am the best candidate for this position”
Put your cover letter in the body of your email and attach the resumes cover letter Cover Letter
How It Is Used Today Use It
Body of Email / Resume is the Attachment
Reveals More About You
Expansion of Your Introduction
Highlight Qualifications or Overcome Disqualifiers
Consistent with Resume Style and Format Your Cover Letter
Is Your Spotlight Example:
“I have researched your company and believe in what you do in xyz industry, and I share your views. With my particular experience in ABC, I believe I would be a great fit in this position and can bring a lot of creative ideas, as well as, a strong work ethic to the job.” Cover Letter Step Into The Spotlight! What Your Resume Says About You
What Recruiters And Hiring Managers Want
Anatomy Of A Resume
Formats And Styles
Cover Letters – How They Are Used Today
Homework AGENDA Contact Information
Objective Statement / Introduction
Skills Or Summary Of Qualifications
Awards, Professional Associations
References (Present Separately) Journey
to a
Great Resume nothing Be the One Executive Assistant to CFO and General Counsel After returning from maternity leave, I assumed the role of Executive Assistant to our CFO and General Counsel. Duties include administrative duties such as calendar maintenance, phone management and travel arrangements. Further duties include phone interaction with investors, and media. Responsible for Stockholder mailings, keeping tally on consent returns, maintenance of all corporate files, contracts and online database detailing all filings. Also responsible for tracking and filing all corporate and indivifual Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA's). I also track and maintain a database of all outside counsel billings statements. I became a Notary Public in January, 2002 and perform these duties as needed for the company. Stand Out in the Crowd KEY WORDS Focus On The Job Description:
Use Specific Key Words And Terminology
Soft Skills And Key Words:
Teamwork, Proactive
Takes Initiative, Self Starter
Flexibility, Multi-Tasking
Detail Oriented, Self Motivated What Every Resume Needs
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