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Emily LoBello

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Tourism

By Travis Buckley and Emily LoBello
The World Tourism Organization defines tourism as "a social, cultural and economic phenomenon which entails the movement of people to countries or places outside their usual environment for personal or business/professional purposes.

Bring in Foreign Investment
Improved relations among citizens and tourists
Increased pride in one's country
Increased Jobs
Culture Sharing

Globalization of Tourism
Economic Benefits
Poverty Alleviation
Medical Tourism
Eco Tourism
Social Benefits
Pros of Tourism
Negative Effects of Tourism
Standardization: loss of culture
Often, it is the poor countries that are hurt economically by tourism.
"leakage" is the term that refers to the way that in which revenue generated by tourism is lost to other countries economies.
A study of tourism 'leakage' in Thailand estimated that 70% of all money spent by tourists ended up leaving Thailand Estimates for other Third World countries range from 80% in the Caribbean to 40% in India.
A significant way in which "leakage" occurs is through all-inclusive tourism packages. About 80% of travelers' all-inclusive expenditures go to the airlines, hotels and other international companies, and not to local businesses or workers.
Infrastructure costs- local governments and taxpayers may have to pay for infrastructure to be maintained.
Increase on prices- cost of living skyrockets. In Belize, tourism caused prices for locals to increase by 8%.
Unhealthy dependence on tourism- risk of economic recessions and natural disasters.
Standardization: loss of culture
Depletion of resources- particularly water. example: a typical golf course in Thailand uses as much water as 60,000 people would.
Damage to the land- such as deforestation, disrupting the natural wildlife, and destruction to the ecosystem and infrastructure.
Pollution- air pollution (from planes, buses, and cars), noise pollution, sewage pollution, and waste (such as littering)
Tourism theft is a very common crime in both rich and poor countries. Tourists are often targeted because they have valuables and money on them. They are also targeted with scams.
Sex Tourism and human trafficking. Example- In Amsterdam, NL prostitution is legal and brings in about $1.1 billion annually from sex tourism. But this results in an average of 1,000-7,000 victims of human trafficking each year which is a major international human rights violation.
Showing off different Countries
What they don't show you in the travel ads...
Medical Tourism:
"the process of traveling outside the country of residence for the purpose of receiving medical care".
Positives: Very affordable and cost effective, high quality healthcare, immediate service, travel opportunities
Negatives: hurts health care system of country supplying medical service- takes away medical staff from the locals.
What do you think?
Volunteer Tourism (aka Voluntourism):
"travel for the purpose of voluntary work which typically involved charity".
Positives: helps countries recover after natural disasters, cultural exchange, and provides help to those in need like the Peace Corp or UN Volunteers
Negatives: doing more harm than good. Hurting environment and only creating short-term solutions that have long-term effects.
What do you think?
Mega-Sporting Event Tourism:
such as the World Cup and The Olympics
Positives: $600 Billion a year industry which gives the host country more revenue, promotes an active and healthy lifestyle, and is a good source of stress release
Negatives: as read in the article- perceived risks of travel inconveniences, price inflation, crime, risk of diseases, and environmental concern.
What do you think?
Economic Benefits
Comoro Islands
Creation of jobs (e.g. guides, restaurants, etc.)
Safeguard and Preserve natural sites
Poverty Alleviation
through increased foreign exchange, reduction of unemployment, and attraction of investor of tourism
Domestic Tourism
Disney brings in 18.2 Billion economic activity
2.5 per cent of Florida's GDP
216,000 Tourism jobs or 24.4 per cent of private employment
Various Types of Tourism
Medical Tourism
Affordable/ Cost effective services
Travel Opportunities
Eco Tourism(Sustainable Tourism)
Improve the world through
Increased passenger and commercial links
Gives adventure goers a new thrill
Preservation of the environment
Social Benefit
Cultural Interaction
Gives worldly views
Deeper understanding
Increased sense of pride and identity of communities
Increased living conditions
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