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Music Therapy and the Visually Impaired Child

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Alanna Sousa

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Music Therapy and the Visually Impaired Child

By: Alanna Sousa and Nicole Dickenson Music Therapy and the Visually Impaired Child Definition Causes Tumors
Traumatic injury involving the eyes
Head Trauma
Severe Diabetes Visual impairment is a term experts use to describe any kind of vision loss, whether it's someone who cannot see at all or someone who has partial vision loss. There can be many different reasons for visual impairment to occur for example: Common Needs of the Visually Impaired Child
To be Addressed with Music Therapy Development of Motor Skills Blind children often have a more difficult time developing motor skills than sighted children. These motor skills develop slower in children with visual impairment due to the fact that they do not respond to visual cues and have never learned to reach out or interact physically. Socialization Music Therapy and Developing Motor Skills Use of rhythm based instruments for dance
Body rhythms
Musical charades

Music therapy is used to help visually impaired children develop motor skills by giving the child auditory cues instead of visual cues. This can be used by connecting a certain sound or musical phrase with a specific motor skill so they can develop these at their own pace using cues they can understand. Music Therapy and Improving Socialization Music therapy can be used to improve socialization by taking turns with the therapist while playing a simple instrument.

Music is also a good way to relax blind children with socialization problems so they feel more comfortable in a group setting. Having verbal or musical stimulation can take the place of the visual stimuli that kids without visual impairment automatically get. Motor skill development
Modification of behavior Due to the fact that they can not visually see objects that they can use to express their emotions they often internalize which leads to more social isolation. If the visually impaired child is not in an environment that caters to their needs as well as encourages self expression and self exploration, it is highly likely that their communication skills and overall socialization skills may be limited to severely impaired. It is important for the visually impaired child to interact with those around them. Common Blindisms Dealing With Unhealthy Blindisms Blindisms are unhealthy for visually impaired children because they can harm themselves by running into people or objects while rocking or moving back and forth

Rhythmic structure used to control body movements
Use of instruments to aid in individualized speech
Songs structured for phrase completion
Development of an awareness of surroundings Excessive rubbing of the eyes
Staring at light sources
Rocking Back and forth
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